How To Know Which Character Trait Is Yours

Knowing your personality or character type is now made easier because of various tests that are readily available online. Knowing your type is essential, as this makes it easier for others to understand you and why you react to certain situations in a particular way.

It’s important to note that there’s no person in the world who has one completely stable personality that doesn’t vary with every situation. Character traits differ based on your daily experiences. But, knowing why you react this way helps in understanding your true self.

Here are some ways for you to determine as to which character trait is uniquely yours:

1. Communicate With The Experts

If you really want an in-depth explanation of the character trait that you have, one of your best recourses is for you to communicate with the experts. These experts have their ways of determining your traits and characters, which is also based on what they’ve learned from their own education. For starters, check on this list of character traits, for you to see.

Particularly for psychology graduates, they know various behavioral tests, such as psychometric testing, that can help you determine your character and personality trait. With an understanding of your character trait, you’ll also be able to understand the if’s and why’s of your behavior in certain situations.

2. Take Online Quizzes

Perhaps you’re now familiar with the numerous online quizzes that you can take to help determine what your character trait is. The best thing is that these online quizzes are free! Plus they’re fun and easy to do, too.

Generally, these quizzes first ask about what your gender and age are. Then, it goes on to more in-depth questions, such as your occupation. These details are requested, as these online generators often have a pre-determined algorithm that leads them to the right questions to ask, based on that information.

For instance, it’ll only prove futile for a quiz to ask you questions relating to men, when, in fact, you’re a woman. The more accurate the answers are, the higher the chances of you gaining accurate results as well.

Apart from the critical information, you’ll most likely be asked about situational matters. A situation will be posted, wherein there are options pertaining to how best you might react, in these particular situations. Collating the results of these answers, the quiz will lead you to your character trait. For instance, if you got mostly A’s, your character is this, and so on.

3. Undergo A Personality Or Behavioral Seminar

If you have the time, you can also grab the opportunity to undergo personality and behavioral seminars. Apart from the speaker giving you lessons that can be helpful for you, you’re also going to be given activities that’ll lead you to better self-discovery.

Most, if not all of these speakers, are experienced behavioral coaches, and it can be to your benefit to avail of their field of expertise. Although doing so will eat up much of your time, and perhaps also cost a fee, at the end of the session, you’ll realize that it was worth it and that you should have more.

The activities that you undertake during these seminars are catered to knowing your character trait, and how you can manage or improve yourself. In these activities, you’ll learn both good character traits and even the bad ones.

If there’s any negative result, don’t worry, since that’s normal. No person is perfect, and knowing about these negative traits is also instrumental in improving your totality as a person, based on the character trait or personality type that you may belong to.

4. Read On Books

Books may seem outdated, but there’s a good reason why these books get published, that is, they have something to say, and they’re an authority in their respective fields.

If you take a field trip to your nearest bookstore, you’ll find that there are numerous self-help books that you can take advantage of. While reading these books, you’ll get to know more about how the behavior and character of every person are wired.

Additionally, through reading these, you begin to have a more profound sense of self-realization. As you close the book, you’ll most likely end up with answers and a conclusion as to what your specific character trait is.


Character traits are considered a valuable part of anybody’s behavior. These character traits also help you have a more profound understanding of your personality.

As each individual reacts to different experiences that they go through, this also speaks a lot about the character type that they possess. Character traits are those that are deep-seated in your mind and heart, usually developed over time as you grow, or based on those that you learn from your parents and those surrounding you.

If you’re interested in knowing any of your character traits, perhaps you can give any of these ways a try, and see what the results show you!