How To Have Fun With Your Friends At The Poker Table

When poker is mentioned, then you know that one person is looking to walk home with the other person’s money. Nonetheless, it is one activity which you can play for fun especially when played with friends. It is a good way of passing time and having fun altogether.

In every game, there are rules which must be followed. If the sole intent of you playing poker table with your friends is having fun, then you have to keep it safe and legal. If you miss this point, your fun may not keep going. Grudges, fights and other forms of chaos may arise. Let’s look at how to have fun with your friends at the poker table any day.

It is also good to note that when playing with your friends, you don’t have to use the poker strategy you use in the casino. If you achieve this, you will go a long way.

How to ensure you enjoy the game

Many people will tell you that you do not need to play for cash at the poker table. For sure, this is not the case because neither you nor your friends will have fun. From experience and research, if no money is involved, you will all be relaxed and play recklessly, therefore taking the fun away.

To ensure that everyone is equally involved in this game, you have to involve money instead of chips and fun only. The “money brings happiness” saying applies here too. You have to stake cash so that you feel some pain when getting into the game. The game becomes intense and thus more enjoyable. However, you do not have to stake everything. You are not playing to make money here, it is fun only. You all enjoy the game more than the little stakes you make. The winner gets the bragging rights and you’ll know how it feels.

The fact that it’s a poker game for friends does not mean that you have to gather all your friends from the whole county. This point is very crucial and you need to take caution. Invite only friends who are poker fanatics and you will be sure that everyone will have fun. To keep the fun going, you need to approach the game with an aggression strategy. Though, you also do not have to use an advanced poker strategy like the Texas Hold’em strategy because some of your friends might be just beginners in the poker game.

Setting up the poker game

After you decide that you are not going to the casino, you have to create such an atmosphere at the poker table back home. Since it’s for fun only, you have to keep expenses low and ensure no trouble is caused. It’s easy to set up everything for unlimited fun.

1. The first thing to do to play a poker table at the comfort of your home is getting a sizable table that fits all your friends. The kind of poker game you want decides the ideal table you need to get.

2. The other things that are mandatory in a poker game are cards and chips. It’s best to have at least two sets of cards. You will also need to set the valuation of each chip.

3. After everything is set up, you will agree with me that fun is never complete without food. Get food and beverages which the players can eat when they get hungry.

4. Some cool jazz music could fill the atmosphere to give a serene environment.

● Avoid collusion
This is an individualistic sport and from research, any form of collusion is equivalent to cheating and thus disqualifies the sole intent of the game. Your sole reason for having fun will thus not be achieved in such a case. Numerous organizations and television shows have tried introducing it as a team sport but it failed. You and your friends may not be the first ones to achieve that.

● Don’t drink too much
In as much as it’s a poker table aimed at having fun, drinking a bottle or two is welcome. Nonetheless, ensure you do not drink too much to avoid any form of chaos that can spoil the fun.

● Choose a safe location
You want to ensure you do not land into trouble and as I said about keeping it legal, you do not worry about informing the police if anything goes wrong.

● Do not accept money
Since it’s illegal and you don’t want to spoil the fun when the police turn up, do not charge any cash for participating in the poker table. It is wrong and illegal.


Given the intensity of the poker table, to ensure you all joy, you have to first agree with your friends before sitting down. In the agreement, you all agree that there will be no hard feelings and each one of you will play with his/her utmost ability. After the agreement, it’s up to you to pull a poker strategy that you know works well for you given the poker level of your friends. In short, to have fun with your friends at the poker table you need to follow the rules which ensure the game is enjoyable.