How to Choose Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

When you are needing commercial refrigeration equipment for your business, restaurant, or just for commercial needs (some production environments use commercial coolers as well), then you need to be sure you choose the right type.

In this guide, we’re going to explain how to choose commercial refrigeration equipment from for your business that’s right for you, as well as explain why each is important a little bit. Hopefully, you can get maximum efficiency by using the advice we’re giving you today.

Features are The Most Important Thing to Consider

Many different coolers not only come in many different styles, but even their features are generally unique. You want to make sure that you pick the right features that you’ll need for your business needs These features to look at are (but not limited to):

1. Type of Refrigeration Unit – Is this a walk-in cooler? A reach-in freezer? Are you needing a display case, or even more importantly something unique for the customers?

2. Capacity – Be sure that the dimensions both on the outside and inside are big enough for your needs, but make sure that you’re not spending too much on something that you won’t use all of the space for. While it’s nice to have all that extra space, you can be spending more money on cooling that empty extra space frequently, which will make you lose money rather than use it for the best efficiency. Also be sure to check how many doors it has, and keep this in mind as well.

3. Types of Doors – There are various door types, and some are meant to be able to be held open, or some are made to easier monitor your product and short stock (with glass doors and transparent doors). Keep in mind what you’ll need. Many solid doors are better equipped for energy efficiency, but you won’t be able to see inside without opening the door. Also, pay close attention to the types of door handles that each door has. Do they latch? Are they locking?

4. Lighting – Look for a model that has LED lighting, as this is highly energy efficient and won’t change the temperature of your unit.

5. Door Alarms – Some systems have door alarms if the door is left open for too long. If you need this, then buy a unit that has this installed.

Know What You’re Going to Need

The biggest part of this is knowing what size refrigerator you need to choose for your business. Once this is done, you can easily move onto the next step, which is to plan your construction and areas for the installation of these units that you decide to go with. It’s crucial that you know where you want the alarms installed, as well as see what type of clearance and regulations you need to follow.

If you’re using a walk-in cooler, then you need to make sure that you’re going to need mass quantities of refrigeration (like a large order of stock). Most importantly, make sure that when it comes to installing your refrigeration that the install goes smoothly, and that you do frequent testing to make sure your unit is cooling as necessary.