Already set your stuff up for camping but it suddenly starts raining? If so, what should you do?!

Most times, the weather could ruin our best-planned holidays. While camping, you could still have a great time in the rain. Depending on what type of camping adventure you are having, you may have limited choices.

Nonetheless, there are still many fun ideas you can try to do even if it’s raining. So keep reading as we give you tips on how to camp in the rain and have fun.

Ensure Everything Stays Dry

Rain can’t ruin the fun when camping! However, while you may be having fun in the rain, your equipment, and other items may be getting soaked. So before you consider doing anything else, you should place all your important items in zip lock bags and plastic bags.

Have Activities for Camping in the Rain

If you brought your kids for the camping trip, then you have to plan some activities that they may enjoy inside or outside of the tent. Your kids may like to stay in the tent and play with toys, but it’s best to have other ideas in case they get bored.

Here are some fun things to do while camping with your kids in the rain:

· Coloring books

· Arts and crafts

· Hide and seek

· Rock painting

· Tent dance party

· Make mud pies

· Building blocks

· Nature art such as leaf rubbings

· Storytelling

· Singing songs

Consider going fishing in the nearby river! Fishing is fun; even if it’s raining, the fish still wait for you to throw the bait. You can also create paper boats and sail them in puddles or on the water.

Hiking in the Rain

Taking short treks can be a great adventure if it’s not raining hard, so long as you wear suitable rain gear. When camping, everything can be a bit different, and you may notice things you have never seen before. It’s a significant learning experience for youngsters especially.

Go for an Indoor Picnic

Having an indoor tent picnic is ideal for staying dry while camping when it starts to rain unexpectedly. As long as you have some lunch foods and snacks, you can prepare a party within your tent. However, put all your beddings aside so you won’t end up sleeping with crumbs.

Want enough space for picnics for unexpected rains? Then, you have to take advantage of your car and use 4wd awnings for the best camping experience.

Pack Some Cards and Board Games

Playing cards and board games are an excellent way to consume your time when you don’t want to get soaked. So you should bring your favorites or some you’ve wanted to play. Game matches that take longer are ideal for rainy weather while camping, such as monopoly, chess, or ticket to ride.

How to Camp in the Rain and Have Fun

Now, you’re ready to have fun in the rain with great ideas of how to camp in the rain. Considering the tips above, you can enjoy those unexpected rainy camping days with things to do. The main thing is that you’re out having fun and enjoying your camping trip.

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