Divorce in Oklahoma is actually one of the cheapest in the nation. Unfortunately, even though you file a Petition for Dissolution of marriage, the average cost of a cheap divorce in Oklahoma is approximately $183 dollars.

So why does it cost that much? Well, we’ll gladly explain that in this little quick guide.

The Unavoidable Fee

Unfortunately, the fee for Oklahoma actually varies by the county, but in general, it’s about 180 bucks. Why? Because this is your actual fee to file. When you have an uncontested divorce, you can even save more and your costs for divorce can be less than that. That’s what Express Documents aims for; trying to help you and your soon to be ex-spouse get your uncontested divorce, so you both can move on happily.

The 4-Step Processing Method

By using Express Documents, you can get your documents and file them yourself. You take the petition to the public after you fill it out then copy it 3 times (or more if you want more for whatever reason). Once you take the 3 copies to the court clerk in whatever county you’re in, they’ll file your divorce on your request. You cannot go less than one day to deliver your divorce papers. If any document is dated and signed on the same day you get it (the date has to be at least one day after filing), then you will have to do it all over again.

If you don’t have any kids, you should have a speedy process because you don’t have a bunch of extra paperwork to fill out, and the Decree is the only thing you need. When you do have children in your home, that’s when things like custody plans, child support and a waver for the 90-day waiting period need to be filed as well. Then you see the judge and you’ll get the court date.

Does My Spouse Have to Be Present?

In a lot of cases, a spouse will sign a waiver of appearance when both parties agree to the divorce to be passed. Therefore, all that your spouse has to do is sign a Waiver of Appearance, and this shows the court that your spouse agrees with the court and the divorce terms.

Can I Get Divorced Without Attorneys?

Actually yes, you can get a divorce without an attorney and completely represent yourself in the case. When or if you did, then you’d have to pay more in court costs, lawyer fees, and more. The only time that a lawyer should get involved is truly in a contested case. When you don’t, you just are paying for additional lawyers to be there to get more money in your pocket, and you’ll end up having to deal with extra issues that may ensue.


If you’re filing for a cheap divorce, most states cost around $300 before it all is said and done. You can expect less than that if your spouse and divorce is uncontested, but of course when things like kids are involved it can complicate it and make it waste more time and money for both parties in the divorce. You don’t have to be spiteful or contest everything in order to succeed with a perfectly agreed-upon divorce.

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