the-happiest-mouse-in-the-world 1

Meet the most happiest field mouse in the world. Not sure what he is smiling about but he sure does look cute and cuddly. Don’t you agree?

Here’s a few more examples of happy mice.

Happiest Field Mouse  (1)

Happiest Field Mouse  (2)

Happiest Field Mouse  (3)

Believe it or not mice have feeling too and with so many people keeping them as pets nowadays a specialist website which specializes in small pets has set a webpage dedicated to looking after and keeping your mice in good shape and keeping them happy and content.

Mice enjoy companions, they are very social creatures who prefer to be housed with other mice and live together, play together, groom one another and sleep together. Two mice will be much happier together than on their own. You can watch mice interact with each other and they will provide hours of fun and entertainment.

Think carefully about social arrangements first. Male and female mice housed together will inevitably reproduce, yielding potentially hundreds of mice within a matter of months.

Mice Enjoy A Place Of Their Own
Mice Prefer a solid shelter with dividers, the cage should allow mice a place to hide from the outside world and provide a solid structure that they can climb and interact with. Some mice prefer to build their nest in their cage or shelter.

Mice prefer small shelters with only one open side and will usually sleep with their head toward the closed back of the box.

Check out more interesting facts and tips on how to look after you mouse on their website smallanimalchannel