Korea is one of the most advanced countries in terms of technology. It is very strict about its rules and regulations, still, we can’t deny the fact that sometimes its laws are very unique and different from others.

They have severe penalties even for some not so big issues but sometimes they just let people free even with the big convictions. The same goes for gambling and casinos. Although Casinos and Gambling are completely banned in the country residents still look for ways to gamble.

Like many other countries, Korea has also different gambling and casino laws for locals and foreigners. Where foreigners are allowed to visit any casino located in Korea and gamble legally, things are not the same for the Korean Citizens. They are not allowed to gamble and visit any casino located in the country legally. Not only the ae prohibited to do gambling in Korea but also outside the country.

Are there any Casinos in Korea?

Yes, there are many big casinos located in the country but they are only open to foreigners. These casinos increase the expenditure and benefit a lot from the government. Foreigners living or visiting the country visit these casinos and gamble a lot. In the last Winter Olympics, which was held in South Korea, these casinos were the number one visiting spot for foreigners to bet and gamble on games.

There were banners and pamphlets in the whole country to welcome the foreigners in the casinos and to gamble on the games. But on these casinos, it was clearly written that they are not for the Korean citizens. Korean citizens have only one casino where they can gamble legally and that is the Kang won Land Casino. This casino is located in the remote area that is four hours’ drive away from the Daegu, five hours drive from Busan and only three hours away from the capital Seoul.

Is Gambling at Online Casinos is Legal in Korea?

Korean Citizens can gamble legally at this Kang won Land Casino. They can also gamble through online casinos which are favorite not only for Koreans but for also foreigners. With its rising popularity, more and more people are joining online casinos. The government also does not have any strict rules and regulations on online casinos and people from all over the world with different nationalities can gamble at these online casinos.

We can’t say that gambling is legal in online casinos for Korean citizens but the government does not have any laws and regulations regarding the online casinos. In addition, they also don’t give much importance to people and individuals gambling online. So, it is somehow legal for Korean citizens to gamble online.

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