GAME TRAILER: The Amazing Spider-man By Beenox

The Amazing Spider-Man game is set in the movie universe shortly after the events of the film. As of now, not too many details are known other than we’ll get to see Peter Parker’s “untold story” and that Rhino and the newly announced Iguana will be the main enemies of Spider-Man.

One of the new cool features of the game is that Spider-Man will be able to hang from the ceiling and use a new power called “web rush” to execute stealth takedowns. Each enemy has a color indicator to specify their awareness of ol’ webhead. And if you so choose, Spidey can throw himself right into the fray with attacks that resemble Batman Arkham City moves. Heck, if you suck, Spider-Man takes damage and his suit degrades over time. Sound familiar?

I’m excited to see the open world, go anywhere Spider-Man gameplay return, although I couldn’t shake how much Time Square reminds me of the version found in Prototype from a couple years ago. Some could argue that they look similar because of the locale, and there’s no confirmation regarding if the game is using the same environment as Prototype with a fresh “paint job.” Regardless, the city makes for some opportune webslinging moments — amplified by the new camera position that follows right behind Spidey’s movements. It’s a cool effect, as long as you aren’t prone to motion sickness.

Web rush is another new introduction developer Beenox is touting. It is a mode Spidey enters for the sake of slowing down time to make navigation decisions. With one button press, the game displays a destination Spider-Man can parkour and websling to with a yellow icon. This can come in handy if you quickly want to get to precise locations. A Beenox developer took Spidey from a rooftop to the top of a lamp post without having to manually direct the hero. By continuously mashing the web rush button, Spider-Man quickly maneuvered through Manhattan. Right now, the web rush movements look too jerky and unnatural when used this quickly. I was told that players will have a cool down period in retail version of the game, but the ability is upgradable.

Activision has yet to announce the voice actors for the game, but I’m hoping they can nab some notable people preferably from the Amazing Spider-Man film itself.

The Amazing Spider-Man video game will be available from June 26, 2012.

Source: IGN

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