Funniest Excuses Made To Car Insurance Companies

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Check out these real funniest excuses made to car insurance companies!

However carefully and vigilantly you may drive, accidents do happen. And when they do, it is then a question of explaining the circumstances to the car insurance companies for them to help sort out the mess and get your car repaired.

But before the body shop can think about matching up the paintwork or ordering a new set of front headlights, the dreaded insurance claim form needs to be filled out. This piece of petty bureaucracy seems fairly straightforward until it comes to writing a few words on exactly how and when the accident happened.

For most, this is a case of jotting down a few of the relevant facts, ensuring our pride remains intact by not admitting liability. For others, though, this part of the claim form sometimes proves to be a little more challenging with unintentional comical explanations being submitted. No doubt these excuses have brightened up the otherwise drab offices of the various car insurance companies, and now we can put a smile on your face, too, by listing a few favorite funniest excuses made to car insurance companies.

Sometimes, the truth can be funnier than fiction.

Funniest excuses made to car insurance companies 1: The squirrel did it, officer
Ian Crowder from the AA likes to recall the time he was faced with an insurance claim from a woman who had been driving along the countryside, in her convertible Audi with the roof down, when a squirrel dropped out of a tree and into the passenger seat. She was so surprised – as you would be – she swerved and ended up hitting a tree, writing off the car.

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Funniest excuses made to car insurance companies 2: Silence of the lambs
It seems many accidents are caused by animals, but no one could have predicted what happened to an unsuspecting motorist as he drove home from the pub with a friend and passed under a motorway by-pass. “A sheep had escaped from a lorry which had overturned on the by-pass and in fright it jumped over the parapet, landing on the bonnet of my car. The sheep was unscathed and ran off, which is more than can be said for the car; it was a write-off.”

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Funniest excuses made to car insurance companies 3: It’s a dog’s dinner
One hapless builder left his dog sitting in the passenger seat of his van when he dashed into a fast-food restaurant. When he came out the van had disappeared, along with the dog. Apparently, the dog’s collar got caught on the handbrake, and, for reasons which the driver will never know, released the handbrake allowing the van to roll down the hill into a line of parked cars. The dog, you’ll be pleased to read, was unharmed.

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Funniest excuses made to car insurance companies 4: Special Branch
The importance of making sure items being carried on a roof rack are tied down securely is highlighted in our next case. This unlucky motorist wrote on his claim form: “I was driving home from Christmas shopping when I saw a car coming from the opposite direction with a large Christmas tree badly tied to the roof. He was driving too fast and I saw the tree lift off and it flew straight at me. The trunk made a great dent in my bonnet and caused me to run off the road and into a hedge. The chap didn’t stop and he never came back for his tree so the police said we might as well have it. It wasn’t funny at the time, but looking back it was like a comedy sketch.”

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Funniest excuses made to car insurance companies 5: On the rebound
A deluded motorist thought the following statement would help save his no-claims bonus. He told the insurance claims handler, “I saw a slow moving, sad faced old gentleman as he bounced off the roof of my car”. The pedestrian went on to make a full recovery while the motorist found his insurance premium had increased the next time he went to renew it.

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Funniest excuses made to car insurance companies 6: The Classic
“Coming home, I drove into the wrong house and collided with a tree I don’t have.” This statement could be used as part of a comedy routine yet it is actually the truth and was submitted to a US insurance company.

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