Teddy bear made of rice wrapped in an omelet blanket
Food Art Ideas

Check out some really fantastic fun and saucy food art ideas which are just as good to look at as they are to eat yummy yummy.

Rice bunny with pasta and salad
Food Art Ideas (11)

Apple tree frog on a bed of rice
Food Art Ideas (10)

Saucy fried chicken and potato
Food Art Ideas (9)

Rice men bathing in a meat stew
Food Art Ideas (8)

Puppy dog hot dogs
Food Art Ideas (7)

Sushi style rice panda’s with soy sauce
Food Art Ideas (4)

Steak and kidney octopus pie
Food Art Ideas (6)

The happy smiling salad face
Food Art Ideas (3)

Beautiful girl made from salad
Food Art Ideas (2)

Winnie the pooh bear laying on a bed of salad
Food Art Ideas (1)

Flying phoenix made from cold meats and salad
Food Art Ideas (1)

All the food shown here is healthy and delicious and meant to give you some new ideas when preparing food to make it more fun to eat. Whether its for you children or simply for fun you can liven up you dishes with little effort to make them just as good to look at on the plate as much as lovely to eat as well.

A well balanced diet will give you more energy throughout your day and in most cases will ensure you live a longer and healthier life, so look after yourselves and always remember to savor the flavors.

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Which one is your favorite?

Our Favorite Amazing And Tasty Food Art Ideas

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