Almost every country offers several ways to get residency. Generally, employment, business and marriage are the ways to obtain residency of a country.

Apart from conventional ways, many countries have launched quick residency programs through investment. it is obvious that you need to make investment in order apply for fast track residency but this way is more convenient as compare to conventional ways.

Which country and which way of residency you should choose, it totally depends on why you want to live abroad. It you want residency for better salary and you are a qualified skilled person, employment residency could be better option for you. For others who can afford an investment, it is best idea to make investment and get residency. We are going to share information regarding some best countries with best residency programs.

Belize Residency Program:

Belize located in Latin America, is one the easiest country to get fast track permanent residency. Even people who visit Belize with visit visa, they can get its permanent residency without any investment, employment and business. According to Belize immigration rules, a foreigner can apply permanent residency after living 12 months in the country. Belize usually gives one-month tourist visa which can be extended in Belize. Once, you have lived 12 months in Belize you are eligible to apply for permanent residency of Belize.

Belize is not a rich country and its immigration charges have amount ranging from 500 USD to 5000 USD as fee for permanent residency application. Apart from this, applicant have to show proof of income. Despite this, Belize offer easiest permanent residency.

Cambodia Residency Program:

Cambodia is located in Asia. It is also an under developed country but it has updated it visa and immigration system according to the international standards. It is issues e visa for one-month duration. Referring to residency of Cambodia, it is also very easy and you can obtain it by paying 300 USD to 500 USD to a travel agency in Cambodia. Please note that e visa of Cambodia is not convertible in Cambodia, so if you have plan to get residency of Cambodia, you have must have visa obtained from embassy instead of e visa. It can be a business visa which is easy to convert in Cambodia.

The Residency Program:

The Bahamas is located in Caribbean Sea near United States of America. It had been very popular for its residency program which was very easy. Anyone who visited the Bahamas he was able to get temporary residency by making an investment in land. Recently, the government of Bahamas has made immigration rules stricter. Now if a person wants to get residency with an intention of getting permanent residency in future, he have to make an investment of minimum 250000 USD. Despite this, a person can get temporary residency of The Bahamas by purchasing land in The Bahamas with any investment amount. If investment amount is less than 250000 USD, he will not be eligible for permanent residency.

Saudi Arabia Residency Program:

Saudi Arabia has never been popular for its residency programs but recently the government of Saudi Arabia has started new iqama residency program. Iqama is a residency card of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian government gave name of “Privileged iqama” to new residency.

Two types of residency will be given through the new program; temporary residency iqama and permanent residency iqama. SAR 100000 will be charged for temporary residency iqama and iqama validity will be one year. Saudi Arabia government has a web portal named “absher” where a person can check iqama status online. After one year, the temporary residency iqama can be renewed.

Permanent residency iqama will be valid for an indefinite period. It will cost SAR800000 as a one-time fee but it will not expire. It doesn’t need any renewals.

Both types of iqama will allow foreigners to live and working without any Saudi Sponsor.