The COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly alarming. With nearly 3 million confirmed cases and almost 200,000 deaths, it’s understandable why many are panicking.

However, unfortunate developments shouldn’t be dominating the news cycle every day. There’s bucket loads of good news well worth sharing.

Suffering-alleviating technologies

If there’s anything the world has to be thankful amidst the ongoing pandemic, it’s the presence of advanced technology. With the internet, there are virtually unlimited options for entertaining. Teenagers and young adults who love games can play various titles online and do live streaming with it. Some even make money by playing and streaming games.

Additionally, video streaming services like Netflix provide excellent collections of series and movies to make up for the interruptions in the regular programming on television. Many shows have been put on hold because of physical distancing and community quarantine guidelines. Fortunately, there’s a good amount of canned shows available online.

For those who couldn’t keep themselves from moving to other places, technology is also there to help. Through the internet, they can find relatively safe places where they can go on a holiday or find big houses for rent. There are still a few places in the world that have not succumbed to the trend of lockdowns. The internet is making it easier to find these hot spots.

Technology, moreover, allows some businesses to continue operating. More companies have adopted telecommuting or remote work arrangements. With the help of online task management and collaboration platforms, remote workers can

complete projects without having to go to a physical office. On the other hand, many retailers are also turning to the internet to sell their products.

Stories of generosity

Another encouraging news worth highlighting is the generosity of businesses and private individuals. Who could have missed Twitter’s $1 billion donation? Facebook also made a considerable donation to help in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Many global businesses have pledged funding to help governments and NGOs in addressing the global health crisis.

Celebrities have also staged fundraising activities in addition to their generous donations to help those in the frontlines of the war against COVID-19. Irish rock band U2 donated more than $10 million to purchase PPEs for health workers. Beyonce and Rihanna gave $6 million and $5 million respectively to support the fight against the pandemic. Millions more worldwide have shown their generosity in these trying times.

Reduced pollution

It’s also worth mentioning how the environment has slowly healed itself as the lockdowns forced a lull in pollution-causing human activities. With fewer cars on the streets and factories shut down momentarily, the skies and oceans have cleared. In India, people experienced the awe of seeing the Himalayan peaks with their bare eyes as the quarantines eased air pollution. Several other cities worldwide reported witnessing the clearing of their skies that unveiled beautiful views of nature.

The pandemic has been making the world a gloomy place, but there are silver linings that show hope for everyone. Hopefully, this catastrophe ends soon, and people have learned lessons from it.