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Everyone dreams of owning and living in a beautifully updated home with the amenities and comforts that anyone would want. Those that fit this mold are the ones that are considered luxury.

A luxury home differs from a mansion in that mansion refers to the overall size while luxury refers to the ultimate living experience. Whether you are building an upscale home or embarking on an upscale renovation, there are certain trends that are par for the course, and others that will make yours stand out against the masses.

How to Stand Out

The expectations aligned with luxury homes can sometimes become so standard in that market that they no longer impress. Inclusions like spa bathrooms, and home theaters at this price point have come to be something people expect. One thing that is not considered standard, is amazing residential elevators. Installing a system that allows you to move from floor to floor as well as move things like groceries and luggage between levels improves the function undoubtedly. But in terms of luxury living, these amazing residential elevators can also be designed to be a focal point and beautiful decorative element upgrading the overall style of your home.

The outside of your home is another place where you can level up the impression yours gives off. The climate of your town can help to highlight which options are going to be a better bang for your buck. However, in any climate, investing in the indoor-outdoor lifestyle is worth it. Chef kitchens, entertainment areas, and infinity edge pools are common ways to make your home a part of the residential luxury conversation.

The Little Things Matter

Details can be a huge difference maker that separates a beautiful home from a luxury one. Paying attention to every element as if it matters independently, and not just as a component of a larger vision will help you reach your goal of high-end living. Fabrics, wall coverings, paint choices, and light fixtures are all examples of little elements that alone do not equate to luxury, but as a part of a larger design aesthetic can make or break your homes qualifications to enter that arena.

Adding elements to your home to make it elite is a substantial investment, so regardless of how these elements will classify your home, they should work for you and your family. The most important thing at the end of the day is not only that your home is beautiful and luxurious but that it functions at a high level for you and the people you share it with. Before you begin a new build endeavor or a significant home renovation to add value, take inventory of what features will serve you best when all is said and done. The investment into fancy finishes is not worth it if they do not ever get used. Not a wine aficionado and more into craft beers? Swap out the wine cellar for a tap room to keep the status elevated but also authentic to your personality.