Electromagnetic Radiation: Is it Truly Dangerous?

It’s true that most of us have enough on our plate without having to worry about being exposed to specific types of radiation. However, not enough people put stock in the possible dangers of electromagnetic radiation, and that’s a shame. It’s mainly due to the fact that the things in life many of us can’t live without are sources of electromagnetic waves. For example, appliances such as microwaves, and gadgets such as televisions and smartphones are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to EMF pollution.

However, being constantly exposed to the radiation emitting from these gadgets likely hasn’t caused any adverse effects, which is why most people tend to scoff at the notion that EMF pollution could be harmful. However, there’s a very good reason why EMF protection products exist – because even if electromagnetic radiation isn’t immediately harmful, the effects could begin to surface after years of constant exposure.

What EMF radiation can do to your body

Electromagnetic field radiation can manipulate the cells of the human body in strange and potentially dangerous ways. Did you know that a microwave cooks your food by vibrating the cells together, causing it to heat up? In many ways, EMF pollution does the same thing to our cells, but in lower levels overall. While it might not be a cause of concern now, being constantly exposed to this type of radiation can cause severe problems down the line. It’s mainly because the way that EMF radiation can manipulate our body’s cells which could eventually cause certain cells to mutate.

Specific studies have identified cancer as one of the potential issues to pop up from being bathed in too much electromagnetic radiation, but that’s only one of the possible side-effects.

It comes from more source than you might think

Even if you did want to limit your exposure to EMF pollution, just about every gadget you own, or appliance connected to an electrical outlet, emits these frequencies in some shape or form. As a rule of thumb, anything that requires electricity or a voltage to run will likely give out EMF pollution. Especially worrying is the fact that wireless products are currently on the rise, and they have a much higher EMF radiation count than corded appliances. With that knowledge, you can limit your exposure by going for corded appliances instead of wireless.

Is EMF radiation as dangerous as the studies say?

Unfortunately, the adverse effects of EMF pollution are very much a real threat – especially in an age of wireless devices and all manner of gadgets. Fortunately, you can limit your overall exposure simply by distancing yourself from these types of devices as much as you can. While there will be times when you have no choice but to be exposed, an effort made to limit the exposure can go a long way.

Just because EMF pollution hasn’t been a cause of concern so far doesn’t mean that it won’t be several years from now. Work toward a healthier you and try to distance yourself from EMF pollution as much as you can.

Image: Pixabay.com