At the point when you visit Egypt, you’ll need to cover up the largest number of ancient sites and attractions that your excursion will never appear to be long enough!

We frequently meet tourists during our visits who have been in Egypt multiple times before, and they continue coming back to see something new! They get some information about this newfound site, or some tomb that has been as late revealed, or even places that they have heard other travelers talk about.

In Egypt tours, you will consistently discover new places to visit and appreciate. Egyptian vacationer places are truly astonishing to see, and it has to be under energizing travel company supervision.

Egypt tours

The concept of Egypt never ends, is the reason why our tourists keep coming back for more. Egypt has no limits with all of its main capitals and countless monuments and archaeological site. However, they make sure to book Egypt tours that include both classical sites and the newly discovered ones.

There are such huge numbers of explorers who fly legitimately to Upper Egypt to see Luxor and Aswan, trusting that they will discover the Pyramids too, and afterward they understand that they need to make a trip 720Km to Cairo, where the Pyramids are and wind up paying $400 extra to travel and see one site, which is most likely about portion of what they paid for their whole excursion.

That’s why we suggest travelers to plan their trip before traveling or book with trusted travel agent that offers well operated Egypt tours.

Travel to Egypt packages

Egypt tours are the definition of many visits to the most popular and oldest sites in Egypt like the Egypt pyramids. Some touristic places are known since ever and included in most of Egypt tours. These places are classic, and combining them in one package gives us the classic form of Egypt tours. What are the classic sites in Egypt?

The three pyramids of Giza for sure, sphinx, the Egyptian museum and other sites included in Nile river cruise like valley of the kings and karnak temple. Here, we are going to tell what Egypt tours usually include and how it goes.
It is hard not to find a travel agency offering Egypt tours.

Most of the travel companies stick to the classic well known program as a basic operation, and they can add more creative and out of the box travel itineraries. One of the classics that displayed in any tourism website is a Nile cruise combined with Cairo tours.

Egypt tours usually start with Cairo where you’ll spend couple of days in the cities. In the first day tour, you’ll visit the classic of the classics, the three pyramids of Giza, sphinx and the valley temple followed b Saqqara and Memphis. The second day, you’ll drive to down town Cairo to visit the Egyptian museum and khan al khalili bazaar.

After that, you take a flight or the sleeper train, according o your budget, to Aswan and cruise to Luxor city. Between these two southern cities, you’ll visit the valley of the kings and the complex temple of Luxor and Karnak.

What was explained earlier is the ideal short brief of classic sites included in Egypt tours and how the program goes.

Travel to Egypt Company

When you travel to Egypt, you will find out that the country is full of countless attractions and historical places to visit. You might get lost while catching up on all these attractions, and you will end up asking for help from someone.

It is way better to hire a professional tour guide or book with very trusted agency before you travel to Egypt. Especially when you are a first time traveler. If you have been in Egypt before, you’ll definitely come back for another visit, because Egypt has always something new to offer. Even if you are a frequent traveler to Egypt, touring by your own in the capitals is not really a good idea, and here is exactly why.

If you want to make your trip to Egypt less pricey, you have to book with one of the trusted travel agents. Some travelers don’t know where the attractions are really at. So, don’t expect to visit some huge temples in Giza or Cairo, and don’t expect to see pyramids in Luxor and Aswan. each city has its own famous highlights.

Another reason for not advising traveling on your own is transfers. Public transportation in Egypt is a mess and crowded. there is no way you can survive without a guide book or a private car. Instead of paying extra money for hiring a guide and a driver with a private bus, book a full package that include all of this with satisfying total amount.

We highly recommend travel to Egypt Company for having a wide range of selective travel packages that represent each capital of Egypt with its popular attractions. The company also has very affordable prices and a whole category for tours with reasonable prices. Travel to Egypt also makes excellent offers for their client beside all the free options you get when you customize your trip with them.