Edible Anus Chocolates Are A Belgian Treat For The Family

Edible Anus Chocolates Are A Belgian Treat For The Family

A British chocolate maker is currently selling Edible Anus Chocolates and they are so popular there is a waiting list for these but hole treats.

Now if you are thinking that the chocolate “Edible Anus” looks remarkably like the real thing, that’s because it is. In fact it’s made using a mold “crafted from the posterior” of the company’s “stunning butt model.” Feel like throwing up yet?

There’s really no proof of that on their official website, so you’ll just have to take their word for it. The allegedly delicious treats are hand-crafted in the UK, and contain no artificial preservatives, if it’s any consolation.

According to the geniuses behind this novelty desert, the Edible Anus is ”the perfect gift for the whole family” and will “light up” Grandma’s face, as she “unwraps a homely selection of chocolate cracks”.

I’m pretty sure my family would disown me if I sent them a box of these unique treats, but they’re actually a great gift idea for your proctologist.

Apparently, these edible anus chocolates have been around for at least six years. And there is such a high demand that there is a waiting list.

But even if you can’t buy chocolate anuses, the company also sells solid silver anuses as souvenirs. They cost £260 ($400) and the price goes up as demand increases.

Want to know more about these cheeky treats then visit the chocolate company’s site here.

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