POS systems not only help automate the recording of transactions but also automate store management. Let us take a look at some of the best POS systems and their features.

Six of the Best POS Systems in the Market

A study conducted in 2018, using data on POS, found that 58% of retail businesses are shifting towards POS systems, as Excel-based solutions can no longer help manage the complex needs of the current retail scenario. POS systems are powerful applications that go beyond just recording sales at the checkout. These solutions record all details of the transactions, update inventory in real time and include other convenient features.

The ideal POS system will enable smooth functioning of your business operations.

As these systems are now available as SaaS, with cloud-based implementations, and are mostly subscription based, even small businesses can afford them.

LightSpeed Retail
Lightspeed Retail is easy to setup and use. You can sell online, in-store and on other channels. You can even sell at multiple store locations. This POS system will help you synchronize inventory data across channels and locations. You can also quickly build an online store with Lightspeed Retail, and optimize it for search engines.

Erply is a flexible POS system that allows you to choose between a cloud-based solution or deploying it in your on-premise Windows PC infrastructure. It has powerful backend features to manage inventory, customer profiles, employee data, promotions, and discounts. It also has powerful reporting features including comparative reporting.

Clover provides a unique choice with its POS system- you can opt for a small POS System -Mini. You can choose the Station for a stable POS terminal at checkout points, optimized for speed. You can get the Go variant for on-the-go sales, using a mobile device based POS System. It has built-in payment processing so you can accept various types of payments from cards to scanned checks and gift cards. You can manage customer details, setup and manage loyalty programs. The POS system also includes team management features.

ShopKeep provides an iPad-based POS system that is highly functional and efficient. Track employee working hours, setup staff logins, keep track of all sales and inventory, accept different types of payments including chip cards and Apple Pay. Stay connected to your POS system from anywhere with the ShopKeep Pocket App and get real-time updates on sales and stocks.

Vend provides a great POS system, enabling you to manage your in-store activities and even building an online store. It helps you manage inventory, cash flow, product catalogs, product pricing and promotions. It works on multiple devices and lets you create and manage customer profiles. You can also work on offline mode, and all data will be automatically updated to the backend when internet connectivity is restored.

Shopify POS is backed by the powerful and popular Shopify ecommerce platform. Manage your sales and inventory, process orders even when you lose internet because the data will be automatically synced once connectivity is restored. Like any modern POS system, your POS terminals look sleek and compact with the app running on iPads. Take the checkout to the customer by installing the app on iPhones or Android phones.

You can create and manage product catalogs, product variants, manage staff accounts, create customer profiles and track customer activities. You can also get integration with more than a hundred payment gateways- you can opt Shopify’s own payment gateway and avoid transaction charges.

Accept different modes of payment, split tenders, create and use gift cards, setup and manage custom payment methods like store credit, IOUs, and gold coins. Real-time inventory updates help prevent stock discrepancies. Also, create different types of discounts and promotional offers. Tax rates can be integrated to include this in the price displayed.

Manage your POS system on your mobile devices and get remote access to the dashboard, adding new products details and changing prices – all while you are on the move, with Shopify POS mobile app. Get a powerful analytics dashboard and get flexible product and retail reports to assess performance and gain useful insights. You also get highly accessible customer support round the clock.

Shopify is a powerful retail solution through which you can manage in-store sales, online sales, sales in pop-up stores, sales through social media and other channels. You can always stay on top of your inventory and integrate easily with the accounting and purchase systems.

All of these distinct POS systems have their own standout features which you may analyze carefully before picking one. Shopify is a good system with an already established base of more than 500,000 businesses running on it, that can vouch for its benefits.