double decker cable car over the swiss alps (1)

What a view check out the double decker cable car over the Swiss alps would you be brave enough to go up top?

The thought of riding on a cable car which soars 1,900 metres up into the Swiss Alps will strike fear into the hearts of those who are afraid of heights.
But at least being encased in glass can usually offer some kind of comfort to terrified passengers and a semblance of safety.
For those riding on the world’s first convertible cable car, however, even that small crumb of security won’t be available.
Opening in Switzerland, The Cabrio rises to a height of 1.2 miles above sea level as it climbs the Stanserhorn mountain near the city of Lucerne.

double decker cable car over the swiss alps (2)

And carrying up to 60 passengers at any one time, the innovative cable car has room for up to half of them to brave the bracing mountain air and stand on the top deck.
But even those riders with less of a taste for heights might not find the inside much of a refuge, as the lower floor is encased entirely in glass.
Starting at Kalti, which is 711 metres above sea level, the Cabrio transports passengers to the summit station 1850 metres up.
The length of the new cable car is 2.3 kilometres – a journey the cable car will complete at an impressive speed of eight metres a second.
In total, the ride will take just over six minutes to ferry passengers up the Stanserhorn.

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