Custom Porsche Panamera by Mansory Looks Beast Raring To Go!

Custom Porsche Panamera by Mansory 1

Swiss car tuners Mansory, have taken the Porsche Panamera and turned into a raging beast. You have to check out this custom Porsche!!

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What you are looking at is Mansory upgrade package for the Porsche Panamera. It features a new aerodynamic body kit which includes a newly designed, wider front end and rear bumpers. This custom Porsche also has sportier fender extensions, side skirts and a reshaped hood. To finish off the Panamera exterior is a set of 21-inch alloy wheels.

Doesn’t it look totally awesome?

Custom Porsche Panamera by Mansory 2

This tuning package also features a new suspension that lowers the car’s ride height by 35mm and a new sport exhaust system that gives the car a unique and amazing engine sound.

As for the interior, Mansory are offering several combinations of leather with either precious woods, finest varnish or dynamic carbon. The Panamera also comes fitted with aluminum pedals and a newly designed sports steering wheel telling the driver that he is in a more refined Porsche.

Even though many people think the Porsche Panamera is an ugly car I personally like it and Mansory have taken the Panamera to an even higher level of sophistication with this new more aggressive body kit.

What do you think of the Porsche Panamera by Mansory?

Custom Porsche Panamera by Mansory 3

Custom Porsche Panamera by Mansory 4

Custom Porsche Panamera by Mansory 6

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