In the last few years, the craze for sports-oriented watches has significantly increased. One of the watches out of this category is dive watches.

Whether it’s for the very nature of the dive watches, which offers protection from water, or for the sporty looks they carry, dive watches are definitely an established trend now. If you wonder why people would buy or wear dive watches, here are some good reasons.


First of all, when we talk about 1960 watches belonging to the category of diver’s watches, those were designed for the very purpose of being used by sportspeople who pursued water activities. You wouldn’t find a lot of people buying and using diver’s watches in those times for anything other than what they were made for.

However, for how they were never considered as particularly collectible, today, they have increased in their worth as collectible watches. Vintage diver’s watches from the 1950s were worn by divers and swimmers and have been a part of the history. This makes collecting diver’s watches a lot more fascinating.

Today, people actually look for waterproof watches even if they don’t pursue watersports. Whether people live in places where it mostly rains or would just rather enjoy being carefree every time they wash their hands, waterproof watches offer much protection.

While many waterproof watches claim to offer protection from water, many fail to actually do what they claim. If you aren’t sure that you can trust a waterproof watch, you can buy a diver’s watch and be a hundred percent sure that your watch wouldn’t sustain any damage from water.

For people who appreciate watches that get better as they age, diver’s watches are amazing. This is why 1960 watches made for divers are still being sold and that too, for a high price. Since diver’s watches don’t allow moisture or water to find their way into the dial of the watch, you can expect these watches to stay in good shape even as time passes. This is why so many people invest in high-quality diver’s watches that are designed by big name brands. While it may seem like a huge expense, it’s definitely worth the money for how long these watches can potentially last.

In addition, imagine being stuck in the rain and wanting to check what time it is. You can neither take your phone out nor can you expose your watch to the rain, if your watch is not waterproof. Diver’s watches give people the liberty to check the time whenever, wherever and with good readability.


UNDONE is a popular brand that sells customizable watches. UNDONE Aqua watches are a range of waterproof watches that resemble diver’s watches in their functions. The UNDONE Aqua 1960 watches are vintage-style watches. There are about 6 fixed designs in this range of UNDONE watches. While there are only 6 fixed designs in the 1960 watches by UNDONE, you can choose out of their wide variety of options for each component to customize a watch as you would like.

You would find 7 customizable components in the watches from UNDONE- the dial of the watch, bezel, the case of the dial, hands, movement, watch strap, and the back of the watch. While there are a variety of materials you would find on their list, you’ll also find a good range of colors based on what exact combination of the dial, hands, strap or whatever elements you want. However, you can even choose out of the 6 designs that you find in their collection.

· 1960 Black with Vintage Lume

· 1960 Black with White Lume

· 1960 Navy with Vintage Lume

· 1960 Navy with White Lume

· 1960 White with Vintage Lume

· 1960 White with White Lume

While 3 of the watches are mostly monochromatic- blue, black, and white respectively, the other three 1960 watches are a nice combination of colors. While you can go to the customizer option directly and choose different elements and design a watch as you wish, you can also choose one out of these 6 watches and customize the parts that you don’t like about them, keeping the rest of the elements.

Aqua 1960 watches are a nice mix of vintage as well as urban design. They are all waterproof and are a symbol of the diver’s watches that were made in the 1960s- which was considered as the golden period for diver’s watches. These watches are definitely worth buying for people who have been thinking about buying a water-resistant watch.