Christmas Lights World Record Set By Australian Family


A family in Australia has recently set the world record for having the most Christmas lights on their home. Over half a million bulbs light up the Richards’ home which has now become a festive tourist spot.

This isn’t the first time father-of-three David Richards and his family have put up loads of Christmas lights. In 2011 they set the record after putting up 331,038 lights. Last year a New-York family beat them with a whopping 346,283. Wanting their title back, the Richards family have installed 502,165 lights this year – that’s 31 miles of wire. They also have a glowing reindeer and loud music Christmas music to add to the festive spirit.

Christmas Lights World Record Set By Australian Family

As you can imagine many of Richards’ neighbors are very upset about the bright Christmas lights and haven’t spoken to the family since 2011. While others love the dazzle and travel from miles away to admire the lights.

David says,

“I have always loved Christmas. Having the Christmas lights with the community coming in and sharing it is a time when you get to know people you probably should know better, I guess.”

Of course, putting up so many Christmas lights would mean a humongous electric bill. It comes up to about $2,200 a month, an amount that the local power company has been generous enough to donate. The Richards host a charity event open to the public, and the proceeds go to children’s charities that fight Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. In 2011 they had 70,000 visitors and raised about $70,000. This year David wants to up the amount to $90,000.

“It actually helps a lot of families who have put up with an amazing amount of grief. That makes it all worthwhile to me,”.


David lives in the suburb of Forrest with his wife Janean, 13-year-old son Aidan and daughters Caitlin, 10, and Madelyn, 6. It took them a month to put up all the lights – they started in October and worked every weekend since. Thankfully they didn’t have to manually count all the lights. Delivery records and invoices helped with that. The lights aren’t just meant for Christmas, they’re also meant to celebrate his wife’s cousin’s wedding this Saturday.

The Richards plan to defend their record in the years to come, although they might need a generator if they have to put up more lights.

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Source: Oddity Central