Why not do something crazy this Christmas and try one of these fun hairstyles with festive decorated ornaments. Take a look and see which one is your favorite.

O Christmas Tree How Lovely Are Thy Branches

Just make sure you secure the baubles properly or there maybe a few breakages.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, Had A Very Shiny Nose

If somebody calls you two faced with this hair-do they aren`t exactly lying.

What is  Color Dimension?
While we may perceive hair to be blond, brunette or red,  hair naturally emerges in a soft subtle pallet of colors to create dimension. My hair stylist says each hair on your head is never the exact same color as the one beside it. It is the change from hair to hair that gives hair its most youthfully and natural appeal.

Watch Out For Low Doorways With This Christmas Cut

How is she supposed to change her jumper without breaking a few decorated ornaments.

Deck Your Hair With Boughs Of Holly

Did you know the first Christmas tree decorated ornaments were first sold by Woolworths in 1880. Sadly all Woolworths stores closed down in 2009 due to the crises.

Christmas Ribbon Tree

Most of Santa’s reindeer have male names but male reindeer loose their antlers at winter so santa`s reindeer must all be female.

Rockin Around The Christmas Tree

Did you know that in Poland they decorate their trees with spiders and spider webs? According to Polish legend a spider wove a blanket for Baby Jesus and so spiders are a symbol of Christmas.

Just Missing The Tinsel

Around 35 million real Christmas trees are sold every year in America.

Even Guys Can Join In The Fun

Why should just the girls look silly at Christmas.

Santa Hat Hairstyle from BabesInHairland.com

Some people like to wear Santa hats at Christmas time, others like to blend them into their hair.

Simple But Effective

It is estimated that there are around 2,106 million children in the world. So if santa were to deliver presents to all children he would have to make 842 million stops and travel 221 million miles.

Bonus Christmas Picture

Beards are perfect for Christmas decorated ornaments too.

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