As the cost of living continues to rise while wages do not, more people are looking for ways to make extra money in their free time while working from home.

Efforts to make money from home have included working for direct sales companies, babysitting, tutoring, or even making and selling crafts. But each of these jobs requires a relatively large time commitment and ability to build and maintain a strong client base.

However, if you’re interested in running your own ecommerce retail business, you should know it can be very lucrative. You just need to know where to source your products.

Buying return pallets

Another option that many people have chosen is reselling items. Reselling can be done online through auction websites like eBay. They can be sold locally through sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You may even collect things up until you have enough for a garage sale if you live in an area where garage sales may be highly profitable.

But you need to figure out what kind of items you want to sell, and where you are going to buy these items for resale. Knowing companies like Walmart and Amazon will liquidate their returns through auction companies, you can buy returns from B2B liquidation sites such as Direct Liquidation.

Some companies do what is called direct liquidation. They take items that are returned through large retailers like Amazon and Walmart and sell them in bulk, typically through an auction format. It is crucial to have a set price in mind when going into an auction to ensure you do not accidentally spend too much. The more you pay for the items upfront, the less potential for profit there will be.

While you can do research online, buying things you are familiar with gives you an advantage while creating your ads and talking to potential buyers. You also want to be careful buying electronic items unless you know what you’re working with, due to the chances of technical problems. You don’t want to unknowingly sell faulty products or be uninformed when a customer asks a question.

Advantages of buying pallets

Buying Amazon returns provides a few advantages when looking to make money reselling products. First, you can use the Amazon product pages as part of your ad, so the buyers can see all the information they may need. You can also use photos from the Amazon product page in case the one you have is still in the original packaging and not photo-ready.

Amazon returns also provide an advantage in reselling because they are mostly new, popular products. While you may end up with some items that are damaged or used, most of what you get will be ready for resale. As long as you can identify the best platform to sell the products, you shouldn’t have a problem moving them.

For example, small and niche items like collector pieces, cult pop culture items, and small, inexpensive items will likely sell best on eBay. Craft items, supplies, or vintage items will sell best on Etsy. Furniture and other large items will sell best in local markets.

There are a few things to keep in mind when selling Amazon returns. First, it is essential to document and disclose any damage to the product or the packaging. It only takes one uninformed and unhappy customer to ruin your reputation online as a seller. Second, safety is always a top priority, so if you are selling through sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, be sure to meet in a public place where you feel safe.