Blog Writer Success Tips And Tricks To Make You A Better Blogger

Blog Writer Success Tips And Tricks

It is estimated that two new blogs are being created every second and over a million new articles being posted everyday. Thats a lot of competition! So if you are a blog writer and want to stay ahead of the pack then check out our list of tips and tricks for bloggers.

Blogging is fun and a great way to share your opinions and tell a story. It’s sad though that most bloggers tend to quit when things get tough or competitive. For beginners, when no traffic comes to their sites or when ideas run out, the first option they choose is to just give up.

So lets kick off with our list of blog writer success tips.

1. Always Study

Blog Writer

There is always something new to learn. Everything changes especially with technology. Striving to make improvements will help ensure that your blog is worth subscribing to and your articles worth sharing. Find ways to improve the content on your site and remain relevant to your readers. No matter what level you are there is always room to discover new skills that will help you become a better blog writer.

2. Persistence

Blog Writer

Persistence in blogging means you should continue to provide quality content no matter how you are feeling. Maybe you are having a bad day, experiencing the dreaded writer’s block. Everyone experiences this but what sets successful bloggers from the rest is how they can figure out creative ways to get off the rut.

3. Time Management

Blog Writer

Another important trait every successful blog writer has is mastering time. More often than not, you will be working on a deadline. Where your day will seem like you have your editors or clients needing your articles yesterday. One thing that has helped me in the past is to become aware of how I use my time. Find what activities eat up your time in the day. Learn to prioritize and develop organizational skills. Remember time is money, don’t waste it.

4. Write In An Easy To Understand Language

Blog Writer

Eloquence is an important trait not just for speakers but also for writers to possess. Using straightforward, easy-to-understand language will help your audience interpret your ideas and concepts easily. The more they can relate to you, the bigger the chances that they will engage and become loyal readers of your blog.

5. Be Imaginative

Blog Writer

Creating content on a regular basis can often lead bloggers to experience problems coming up with topics and ideas to write about. One trait that bloggers need when experiencing writer’s block is imagination.

6. Accurate

Blog Writer

Accuracy is important when you share a lot of data and information on your blog. You don’t want to mislead your audience or get sued because you did not give credit where credit is due.

7. Be Proactive


There are a lot of blogs out there and many more being created everyday. It is a stiff competition getting new visitors to your site. A proactive blog writer will not wait for any opportunity to come to them, they find the opportunity. They reach out to people not to just to visit their site, but become advocates and evangelists. Proactive bloggers will have a better chance of growing their blogs.

8. Analyze Your Work


Bloggers who are successful know that the ability to analyze their metrics is key to writing meaningful blog posts easily. Articles that will not only be relevant to their audience but posts that also get loads of traffic.

9. Be Consistent


Successful bloggers know that writing and publishing well written articles on a regular basis is good for their SEO ranking and traffic. If you are only writing one blog post a month you should try to increase to writing at least once a week or even once a day.

10. Be Thought Provoking

Thought Provoking

A blog writer should be able to provide content that will make their readers think. Move them to action. It’s a skill that is important for writers to learn.

11. Write Something Original


This is an important trait for bloggers. Never plagiarize or steal content from other bloggers. Write original content always. The best way to help you achieve this is to write topics that you love and know a lot about. Being original and writing with your own voice will also set your blog apart from the rest.

12. Accessible


Being accessible as a blog writer is important. You want readers and fans of your blog to be able to reach you through comments on your blog, via email and most especially through social media platforms. Conversation will allow you to grow and build relationships. Creating relationships with fellow bloggers and your audience is key if you want longevity and success.

13. Authority


Gaining authority is huge if you want your readers to trust you and the content you write. Building credibility and thought leadership can be achieved through writing and curating relevant content for your niche. Those who work hard at it will definitely achieve success even in a competitive market.

14. Read Often


Good writers are also voracious readers. Reading different types of books will allow you to learn from other writers in terms of style and tone. Inspiration that you get from the books you read can help you get rid of writer’s block. It can also help you improve your vocabulary.

15. Be Curious

Be Curious

A successful blog writer is always curious. Checking facts and details related to their articles before they publish. They will find interesting twists to stories on the topic they are writing about.

16. Become Social


Writing articles is just the beginning of a bloggers workflow. Getting people to visit your site is part of the job too. Thanks to social media, bloggers can easily share their well written posts efficiently. Successful bloggers must learn to be social too. Not just sharing their own posts but also engaging and building relationships with other bloggers and with their readers.

17. Take Criticism Lightly

take critiscim lightly

No matter how great your content may be, you will always have people criticizing your work. One lesson that I learned early on was to allow people to share their opinion. If the comment or opinion was a creative criticism and I find it honest, I will act upon it.

18. Have Fun

Have Fun

This tip is pretty self exploratory. You should enjoy being a blog writer and expressing yourself otherwise whats the point?

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