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In summer, almost all the major championships go on a break. The exceptions are the matches of national teams. One of the unpleasant surprises was the performance of Serbia, which devastatingly lost 5:0 to the Ukrainian team. This can only be explained by the underestimation of the rival and the absence of home fans. The personnel potential of the Serbs is now no worse than that of Shevchenko’s team. It’s enough to recall at least some names:

• Mitroviс;

• Jovic;

• Kolarov;

• Milinkoviс-Saviс.

Despite the fact that some of them didn’t take part in the match, it is still extremely difficult to explain the 0:5 defeat. The most important thing is that it significantly complicated the task of the Serbs to reach Euro 2020, because in fact any loss of points in the remaining games would mean a serious lagging behind Ukraine and Portugal. Also, the failure led to the resignation of Mladen Krstaic from the post of the head coach of the Serbian team, which is also likely to affect the results of the team.

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In the summer, a national team match is one of the most rational betting options. It is at the country level that the main tournament of the year, Copa America, takes place. In the football fields of Brazil, 12 teams define the strongest. The first matches showed that the hosts intend to regain the title.

However, there are plenty of rivals for Selesao, and one of the key problems for them was the absence of their main star, Neymar. True, now there is no clear leader who can be blocked or turned off from the game. On the other hand, there is no football player who is ready to unconventionally decide the fate of the episode and bring a much-needed result in the short run.

In the starting matches, the Brazilians looked good and convincing, which gave rise to a wave of talk about the fact that Neymar as a whole is not needed by the team. However, the players of this level should not be discarded, and the Selesao are really lucky they have a long bench.