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SEO optimized website is the best way to attract more organic customers without spending any money. It is a not difficult process and it does not require any knowledge to put into practice. There are different tactics that you can use to make your website more visible to users.

One of the most credible search results is the ones done by Google. They earned people’s trust by only presenting correct search results for people’s search terms all through their clever algorithms. They recently announced that they are going to make some changes to their search engine algorithm, and people started wondering if SEO is going to be important for reaching higher placement on search results.

Google is not going to kill SEO just because it makes user experience much better. This means that you’ll still have to invest time and effort building the best SEO website.

Let’s see some of the tips that can help you with achieving perfect SEO.

1. Quality over Quantity

This has been the first rule of every SEO optimization and a starting point for creating SEO content. Google rank’s search results by accuracy and quality, so in order to reach higher rank, you must produce unique and high-quality content all the time.

You have to understand Google’s search process in order to have a clear idea of how to reach first page on Google. Whenever someone types something in the search bar, Google crawler starts processing millions of pages looking for the best results.

They look at everything, web pages, blogs, videos and etc. trying to find the best results. Once the crawl is over they start listing websites in the SERP.

This is why you must create only high-quality content that provides some kind of value to users. It is the starting point of every SEO strategy.

2. Spread a Word

Even though you create the best content, how you are going to show indication to Google that your content is worth reading?

Once you create your content, it is time to share it everywhere on the World Wide Web. This means that your content has to pass through some readers, and as soon as they start reacting to it, Google will notice.

This means that you have to establish your brand image and online presence before Google starts placing it in top search results. This can be done through social media or some kind of promotion.

3. UI/UX Design

User satisfaction and needs are still going to be the number one priority for any Google ranking. If people are not satisfied with your website due to slow loading times or complicated interfaces, Google will not show it in first search results. This is why you have to find the best way to improve user interface by creating UI/UX design to attract more viewers.

UI/UX design is an important factor that is used as a metric by Google in order to evaluate Website Quality. You have to put yourself in users’ minds and find out if your website provides useful information and is it interactive.

4. Mobile Optimization

Just because mobile users are rapidly growing, the importance of mobile-optimized websites is also rising. Even Google notices this trend and tries to put accent on responsive website designs placing it in top search results.

People started to build their websites for mobile and then optimize them for desktop. This shows the fact that you must provide the best mobile experience for users in order to reach higher Google rank.

5. Website speed

We live in a world with 4G and 5G connections, so it is a shame if your website has poor loading times due to design issues or coding. It is also very important factor for Google ranking, as well as for user experience. People will most likely not return to your website if they wait too long. You have to apply different tactics to improve website speed and remove any obstacles that slow down your page. You must reduce HTTP requests, minimize server response time, optimize images and much more. This will massively improve your SEO and it will act as a boost for your Google ranking.

Just like in sports when you deliver a good performance, you go higher in the ‘rankings’ of the bookmakers. If you go on any of the top betting apps, you will see the favorites are always the teams who have an history of performing well, especially in recent events.

These are some of the tips to use in order to make an SEO optimized website. You can also buy high-quality social signals at Searcharoo, which can help increase the rate Google crawls your URLs or your brand new backlinks, they also send additional trust signals showing that your link is authoritative. If you want to create a successful website with many users, you must pay attention to the tips mentioned above, and try to create the best user experience.