If you’re among the ones, who love to explore nature and want to capture it in its purest form, then get your boots on and explore the five best Instagrammable walking trails.

Appalachian Trail, USA:

The Appalachian Trail is the most famous hiking trail in the world with more than 600,000 tags on Instagram. It is 2180 miles long, taking you through 14 states and over six months to complete. It takes careful planning and execution if you want to do it one go, but depending on where you wish to begin and end. There are countless variations to these hikes.

Inca Trail, Peru:

The Inca trail is probably the most famous trail in South America. It is the trail laid by the people of ancient Inca civilization living in this region to reach mount Machu Picchu. This trail extends from the sacred valley of the Inca to climb Machu Picchu in a snaky zigzag pattern. It moves winding up and down the high Andean passes. The view from the top is breath-taking; you can see distant valleys, lush green forests, snowy peaks, orchids, and rivers. The experience of exploring these ruins of Inca along the trail is just mystical.

The Annapurna Circuit, USA

The Annapurna circuit is a hiking trek of 160 to 203 km around the Annapurna Massif in central Nepal. It is a route worth travelling due to its breath-taking views. You will cross two of the most stunning river valleys in Nepal on this steep trail. It is known worldwide due to scenic and cultural diversity. You will be able to enjoy the Tibetan culture fully here if you visit the nearby towns of Kali Gandaki valley.

West Highland Way, Scotland:

The West Highland way in Scotland is a famous hiking trek with over 62,676 tags on Instagram. It is a very pictorial and scenic hiking trek that stretches across 154 km. It extends from Milngavie to Fort William and has many beauteous countryside parks, moorlands, steep mountain slopes, and loch shores en route; it’s of no surprise it makes this list.

John Muir Trail:

The John Muir trail is a long hiking trail of moderate difficulty, located in Yosemite Valley extending through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The 211 miles long John Muir trail passes through some of the most picturesque parks in the US. You will need 3 to 4 weeks if you want to cover the entire trail. Moreover, before going on this trail, you have to request a permit. The best season to visit this trail is early July to mid of September.

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