Mad Max V8 Interceptor Replica Ford Falcon Built By Fan

Mad Max Interceptor replica 1 - Mad Max V8 Interceptor Replica Ford Falcon Built By Fan

A Mad Max enthusiast from Australia has built himself a Mad Max V8 Interceptor replica Ford Falcon which was driven by Mel Gibson in the futuristic movie.

Mad Max was a huge hit in 1979 and was shortly followed by its even more successful sequel in 1982 – Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior.

Scott Smith from Victoria, Australia has been making Mad Max Interceptor replicas for the last ten years, building them for anyone who wants one.

The platform for the Mad Max V8 Interceptor Replica Ford Falcon is an Australian made, 1973-1976 Ford Falcon Hardtop coupe. The most popular Falcon is the 1973 XB GT model that served as the base for the original Interceptor in Mad Max, but virtually any XB Hardtop can be turned into a convincing replica.

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Mad Max V8 Interceptor Replica Ford Falcon Built By Fan

Smith took more than two years to complete his first Mad Max v8 Interceptor “The first replica I built was based on a rare XA GT RPO 83,” recalls Smith. “I bought it off a mate, it was black, it was tunnel-rammed, and it sort of had the Mad Maxxy look.”

Fortunately for him, Smith encountered the crew members who had worked on the Original Interceptor for the movie “I spoke to quite a few involved on the film, including the stuntman, original painter, vehicle designer; most of these guys are still around Melbourne,” he explains. “I spent hours and hours with them, and got the full history of it: how, where, why it was built.”

Smith also stated “I have the full, genuine original molds for all of the vehicles from the first Mad Max,” Smith told the Australian newspaper The Age. “That’s why I can reproduce them fairly accurately…. They’re pretty close. They’re as accurate as you can get. Without beating my drum, I don’t think I could do them any better.”

Mad Max Interceptor replica 3 - Mad Max V8 Interceptor Replica Ford Falcon Built By Fan

The price for one of these cool Mad Max V8 Interceptor starts at US$60,000 and increases depending on how authentic you want it.

Would you love to have a Mad Max V8 Interceptor Replica Ford Falcon?

Find Out More About The Mad Max Movie here.

Mad Max Interceptor replica 5

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