Are Cartoons Copying Reality Or Is Reality Copying Cartoons?

Check out these pictures which show scenes from popular cartoons and the exact same scene in real life. The resemblance of the characters is amazing and it’s difficult to know who is copying who. Are the similarities merely coincidental? Take a look and you decide.

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17 thoughts on “Are Cartoons Copying Reality Or Is Reality Copying Cartoons?

  1. What’s so weird about the lion ones?? Those are perfectly natural things, there’s no coincidence!

  2. The Toy Story one is moronic. I get the other ones being cute or coincidental but that one? C’mon.

    It’s not some sort of coincidence, he’s holding figurines FROM THE MOVIE.

  3. Dumbasses the title is “Are Cartoons Copying Reality Or Is Reality Copying Cartoons?” Which means some of them are supposed to be the former, which doesn’t seem probable except for the stupid contrived Toy Story one, and some are the latter.

  4. Animation artists spend hours studying animal behaviour to draw inspiration for their characters and to make them more believable.

    And all the image comparisons involving humans in this post are staged or edited.

  5. Real Pictures…silly theory… These disney movies were made way before these “copy cat” pictures were taken…. sorry to break it to everyone but this theory is VOID AND NULL

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