Amazing Islands to Visit in the Philippines

Everywhere you turn, the Philippines will never fail to amaze you. The stunning sights, powdery beaches, the culture, the food, and of course, the friendly locals who welcome visitors from across the globe.

The Philippines offers endless beaches, enchanting rivers, mountain biking, and thousands of years of history. But with over 7,000 islands to choose from, how can you savor all the country has to offer?

Go Island-Hopping in El Nido

Located just 150 miles northeast of Puerto Princesa, El Nido is known for its picture-perfect sunsets, world-class snorkeling, and island hopping adventures. The town’s laidback lifestyle offers the idyllic setting to explore caves, ride a banana boat and trek through crystal clear waters. In fact, El Nido is currently ranked as Top 4 on the list of the 24 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World, according to Conde Nast from CNN Traveler.

Take Advantage of Festival Season

Every year, provinces across the islands prepare for their festivals based on local legends and delicacies. These festivals either originated from their local legends of patron saints. One of the most popular festivals includes the drink-all-you-can Sinulog festival in Cebu city, Rodeo festival in Masbate, Panagbenga festival in Baguio city, and Moriones festival in Marinduque. Just be sure to opt for travel insurance to stay covered in case of emergencies or in the event of canceled flights due to uncontrollable weather conditions.

Enjoy the White Sands of Boracay

Once known as the ultimate party hotspot of the Philippines, Boracay has finally returned after 6 months of full restoration. But that didn’t stop the island from leading as one of the world’s relaxation destinations. Boracay offers tourists plenty of beaches to explore as travelers can embark on cliff-diving tours, go island hopping, and indulge in local favorites, such as Jonah’s milkshakes and calamansi muffins.

Surf the Waves at Siargao

Not every tourist is looking for crowded beaches and a busy nightlife. Instead, many travelers flock to the island of Siargao to escape from all the city life. One of the must-do activities in Siargao is surfing and snorkeling as tourists and locals alike marvel the island for its dramatic waves. What’s more, you can also explore the new underwater rock formation discovers like Casulian, Pilar Twin Rocks, and Shark Point.

Explore the Chocolate Mountains of Bohol

Another Philippine destination that is popular for its white sand beaches and coral reefs is Bohol. As home to some of the nation’s most unique geologic formations, Bohol’s Chocolate Hills are said to range between 1,260 to 1,776 hills over 12,000 acres. Aside from the hills, tourists can visit the local tarsier Sanctuary, swim in the Hinagdanan cave, and enjoy eating at the Loboc River Cruise. Not to mention, the locals are said to be so friendly, that Bohol is called the “City of Friendship.”

All in all, if you’re ready to pack your bags and travel the Philippine Islands, remember to do your research and choose the destination that is right for you and your family.