The ocean may taste salty but it’s not just salt that you are tasting? Check out these amazing images of magnified seawater and the critters living within!


Nation Geographic photographer David Liittschwager took this amazing photographic of sea water which has been highly magnified so that we can see what is happening in this microscopic miniature world.

This sample was taken by dipping a hand net to collect the sample of plankton soup or marine micro-fauna which includes bug like copepods, various marine worms and types of cyanobacteria as well as algae, fish eggs and larval crabs and other types of crustaceans.


The largest is smaller than a single grain of rice and the smallest is hardly visible even under a microscope.

Of course sea water collected from other parts of the world will have completely different composition depending on area, temperature and local conditions.


If you have a microscope at home this would be a great project for you to try yourself.


All of the plankton types photographed here can be broken down into 3 categories of animals, eggs and larval stages of vertebrates, invertebrates and algae.

Phytoplankton, Holozooplankton and Meroplankton

Much of the plankton found in our oceans from the very deep and cold reaches and are distributed through ocean currents throughout the world.

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