Compared to other cities around the country, Nashville still ranks at the bottom end of excessive drinking rates. Statistics show only about 11.2% of the population suffers from excessive drinking, presenting itself as one of the smallest shares on the national level.

Though not to be complacent, the city government still considers DUI as a significant health problem. Given that the city of itself has the highest rate around the state, it is just but fitting for a Nashville DUI Attorney to give importance to this side of social welfare.

Excessive Alcohol Intake Affecting the Socio-economic Performance of the State

Alcohol drinking may be considered part of adult living, but it has some deep-rooted effects on the state and the country as a whole. Recent studies show that excessive alcohol intake has made a significant impact on the US economy because of several factors.

These factors include the loss of productivity amongst those suffering from alcoholism, incurring medical bills due to accidents, insurance claims, and various other claims involving monetary recompense. Down the line, this prevents people from spending their time being productive and contributing to the state’s economic performance.

As such, Nashville authorities have been hitting the population hard with stricter laws and penalties for DUI apprehensions. These laws aim to lessen the instances of drunk driving around the city and prevent untoward accidents and the loss of life amongst the local population.

When Do You Need the Services of a DUI Attorney?

Driving under the influence (DUI) is considered illegal in Tennessee. The city of Nashville, which happens to be the epicenter of trade and commerce, has the highest number of reported DUI cases within the state itself.

Though not as high as some states with the same area and population, the problem of drunk driving still presents itself to be a top health problem. Teens and working young adults are some of the most frequent violators of the DUI law.

This has warranted the city of Nashville to enforce a “zero-tolerance” policy for drunk driving. But if you are involved in a DUI accident or apprehension, you would need a Nashville DUI Attorney who can help you sort out your entanglement.

Existing DUI Laws in Nashville, Tennessee You Need to Understand

A DUI apprehension typically involves the BAC (blood alcohol concentration) limit test to determine if a driver is intoxicated. The state limits a BAC per se of 0.08 and at which, going over the top means penalties and jail time service.

A person noted to have a 0.20 or above per se reading can have an enhanced penalty and possibly suffer jail confinement and the loss of his driving privileges. The state has always been strict with children and young adults driving under the influence.

The zero-tolerance policy is in full effect for young adults under the age of 21 caught drunk driving. If proven guilty, a young adult can have his license revoked for a year and penalized for a minimum of $250 and community service.