Are you looking to have fish in your home?

If you want to have them, don’t go for a little bowl of fish. Go for an aquarium.

An aquarium makes a great addition to any home. Aquariums are beautiful and can become a focal point in any room. Home aquariums can also have health benefits.

Want to know how to set up an aquarium at home? Read this guide to learn everything you need to know.

Getting Started

To get started, you’ll need to plan. You need to think about what type of aquarium you want. You’ll also want to know where you’ll set it up in your home.

Now you can buy it, the fish, and everything else you need. A good size aquarium for beginners is at least 20 gallons. You can pick an acrylic or glass tank.

The best place to set it up would be on a hard, flat surface. The place where you set it should be able to support the cabinet that goes under the tank. Reef aquariums are the best aquarium for beginners. This type of aquarium is great for corals and larger fishes.

Wash Everything and Clean the Tank

Make sure to wash everything that will go inside the aquarium and to clean the tank. Do this before setting up the aquarium. Use warm water to wash all the gravel and ornaments.

Don’t use any soap or detergents as their chemicals are toxic to the fish. Failure to wash the gravel can make the water cloudy.

Add the Substrate and Water

Now that the substrate is clean, you can place it into the bottom of the aquarium. Place the gravel gently to avoid damaging the bottom glass. Then do the same with the ornaments.

Once you finish, you can proceed to fill the tank with room temperature water. Fill up a clean bucket with tap water. Then place a small plate at the bottom and slowly pour the water over it.

The plate will help to keep the gravel in place. This will help to cut down on cloudiness. It should fill up one-third of the tank.

Install the Equipment

It’s time to install the equipment. Install the heater and filter. One of the best aquarium tips we can offer you is to leave the light on for up at most for 8 hours a day. Too much light can lead to the growth of algae. Most aquarium owners don’t like the look that algae gives off.

Cycle the Tank

Cycling the tank is an important part of setting up an aquarium. This process promotes the build-up of denitrifying bacteria. It can take up to a month to complete this process.

This is a process that helps to prevent unnecessary loss or death of the fishes. Once complete, you can add the fish. Congrats, now you have set up the best aquarium.

That’s How to Set Up An Aquarium at Home

You were looking to learn how to set up an aquarium at home. This guide contains all the steps you have to take to set one up in your home. Follow these steps to make sure your aquarium takes center point in your home.

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