A Piece Of Cake

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A piece of cake, creative and Unusual Cake Designs.

When somebody says “cake“, we typically imagine a round baked sweet, most often decorated with fancy flowers and ribbons, layered together from different kinds of goodies. However, the first cakes, recorded in Ancient Rome and Greece, were way different: the Romans would simply enhance basic bread dough with butter, eggs and honey, and the more creative Greeks would make their version of a cheesecake, using goat’s milk. The term “cake”, however, originates from the times of the Vikings, and their Old Norse word for it, “kaka”.

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Whichever one it is – cheesecake, sponge cake, butter cake, fruit cake – just the sight of it usually makes our mouths water. Recently, however, confectioners started to get a bit more creative with the decorations we’re so used to seeing. Not only were the good old flowers replaced with a bit more odd figurines (like, for instance, little piglets), but the shapes of the desserts started to vary from funny to bizarre. Here’s a selection of some quite extraordinary cake designs out there – how would you feel if you were served one that’s disguised as turkey or a human baby?

Would you like a piece of cake?

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