It’s hard to believe the USA ranks only fifth in terms of the number of movies produced around the world each year, but India and Nigeria have long since outpaced Hollywood as the homes of film production.

In fact, the most popular actor on Earth is Shah Rukh Khan, with a fan following of over 3.5 billion fans across the world. He’s also the wealthiest superstar around.

Yet, King Khan is hardly a household name outside of Europe and Asia, and he doesn’t have the holy grail of movie stardom, an Oscar, to his name.

So, for the majority of us, the most successful actors will always be those that make their magic in Hollywood.

Most Successful Actors in 2020

Success can be subjective, so it’s difficult to cast a list of top actors in stone. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio has a net worth of $270 million and has won over 99 awards for his performances, but he’s far from the wealthiest star around.

Joaquin Phoenix took the honors at the Oscars this year, yet his successes don’t compare with those of other better-known stars.

If we were to base our measure of success purely on financial achievement, these would be the top actors in showbusiness right now:

Tom Cruise

With $570 million dollars to his name and a least 53 movies to his credit, Tom Cruise is one of the world’s best-known actors.

He’s also a successful director and his movies have sold millions across the globe. He’s maintained his superstar status, fame, and wealth since the 1980s.

George Clooney

Cruise’s ‘Ocean’s 11’ co-star, George Clooney, follows hot on his heels with a personal fortune worth around $500 million. Clooney started his acting career in a TV series during 1978 and later rose to fame in the hit show, ER.

Apart from acting, Clooney also receives a handsome paycheck from endorsements.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson’s worth around $425 million. He’s best known for his performances in top-grossing movies like ‘Braveheart’ and ‘We Were Soldiers’.

Apart from his acting prowess, Gibson’s also an acclaimed director and has produced 11 films, and written two.

High-Flying Actresses in 2020

The richest actresses in the world, Mary Kate and Ashley Ohlsen are worth a combined $300 million. Yet, they haven’t appeared in a movie since 2011.

The twins have since turned their attention toward their fashion empire, leaving the top spots open for others to occupy. Currently, the world’s most successful actresses are:

Mia Wasikowska

This Australian actress made a name for herself in the television drama ‘All Saints’.

Her big break came with a starring role in ‘Alice in the Wonderland’ during 2010. Today she’s worth approximately $275 million.

Paget Brewster

Paget Brewster’s breakthrough came when she appeared as Kathy on the fourth season of the hit series ‘Friends’. Her big break came with a starring role as Special Agent Emely Prentiss in ‘Criminal Minds’.

Today, she’s worth about $245 million and is also known for her work as a voice actress and singer.

The Hits Keep Coming

Who would have guessed that some of the best-known names don’t make the top three most successful actors and actresses?

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