5 Tips For Shipping Your Car Across The Country Painlessly

Getting ready to move across the country? We put together some tips for shipping your car across the country. Statistics show that cross-country moves contribute to more than 60 percent of all relocations.

But behind the excitement of moving to a new area, there lies the overwhelming packing and unpacking that makes long distance moves intimidating.

On top of it all, you’ll have to decide on which way to ship your car. While some prefer driving their car all the way to their new home, the majority would rather hire an auto transport company to ship their car.

Given how tiring driving can be, hiring an auto shipping company doesn’t seem like a bad choice. However, how do you ensure the shipping process goes smoothly?

Here are five tips for shipping your car across country with fewer worries.

1. Pick a Date

One of the trusted ways of shipping a car cross country is planning beforehand.

This gives you time to gather all the necessary paperwork needed by the auto transport company.

Apart from preparing all the paperwork, picking a moving date gives you more time to prep your car for shipping. Take it out to your local mechanic for a diagnosis of issues that may make it difficult for the company to ship your car.

An ideal date should be set weeks or even months prior to the moving day.

2. Get an Insurance Cover

Shipping vehicle across the country may involve lots of potential accidents that can damage your car. You also can’t rule out theft cases.

Therefore, consulting your auto insurance provider when planning to ship your car is a great way to protect your car from these unpredictable issues.

Additionally, the auto transport company should be adequately insured to protect your car during the shipping process. A good auto transport company should provide you with hard copies of the policy and talk you through all the policy terms.

3. Pricing

Long distance car transport rates can be expensive depending on the shipping distance. Moreover, various companies charge differently with regards to the services offered.

For instance, open carriage transportation is more economical compared to closed carriage transportation, especially if you’re shipping several cars. However, open carriage exposes your car to debris, dust, and weather conditions.

So, if you’re shipping a classic car or just hate the idea of your car being susceptible to elements, you may have to spend some extra cash for closed carriage transportation. This is a good way to make your car last longer.

Also, remember to ask for a comprehensive quote from the transportation company to ensure that there are no hidden charges.

4. Pick a Company

Picking an auto transport company is one of the most overlooked steps when shipping a car across country. The majority of the people tend to base their choice of a company on the quote offered.

However, although prices may determine the quality of services, they shouldn’t be prioritized when choosing the best auto transport company.

Before hiring a company, you should check whether they’re licensed. Moreover, they should have positive references from previous customers.

Shipping Your Car Across Country Made Easy

Whether you’re locating to a new state or just bought a car overseas, the above tips will make shipping your car across country hassle-free. For more informative auto articles, check out our auto category.