There are many strange and unusual buildings popping up all over the world as architects are forever on a quest to do build something different and impressive. Check out these 5 strange constructions from around the world.

Technology is advancing at a fast rate is continually changing the construction industry giving us the ability build to construct bigger and better structures.

1. The Beetham Tower (Manchester, UK)

The first one is the Beetham Tower which is the tallest building in Manchester, it stands 47-stories high. What makes this building weird is the that the upper part of the Beetham tower protrudes slightly out to one side.

2. Stone House (Fafe Mountains, Portugal)

The Stone House is one of the most famous strange houses on the Net. and I am pretty sure you can see why. The house has been made from two huge boulders linked together with cement.

Rumor has it that this house was inspired by the Flintstones cartoon, but luckily the theme has not been taken to any extremes, considering the use of windows and (hopefully) modern toilets.

3. Kubuswoningen (Rotterdam/Helmon, The Netherlands)

Next up is the Kubuswoningen which means Cube Houses, now a cube house would usually by quite normal but what makes these houses odd is the fact that have been built tilted at a 45 degree angle and then placed on top of pylons.

The cube houses were designed by architect, Piet Blom in 1984. There are 40 cubes in total, all connected, and yeah, people do live in them. Each Cube House contain a kitchen, living room, two bedroom, a bathroom and even space for a small garden, all on about 75 square meters.

4. The Wooden Mansion of Insanity (Arkhangelsk, Siberia)

This not the actual name of this house, but it seems appropriate for this 13-story mansion made entirely out of scrap wood. The owner and builder of this strange Addams family style house is Nikolai Sutyagin and it is still standing today, surprisingly!

The Sutyagin house may well be the tallest wooden house in the world.

5. Krzywy Domek (Sopot, Poland)

The last one is the “Krzywy Domek” which is Polish for “Crooked House” This bizarre building is actually a sophisticated Polish tourist attraction, it contains a few stores, a restaurant and a slot-machine establishment.


So thats it, our list of some of the strangest buildings from around the world, have you ever visited any of them?