Are you thinking of getting an RV? Or maybe you already own one and want to spruce it up? If so, you are already ahead of the curve.

According to survey results, 1 in 4 people plan to take some kind of RV action in the near future.

Improving your RV interior design can make it feel more like home when you’re on the road. Well-thought-out RV decorating can also make things more functional.

However, designing the inside of an RV can be tough. You’ve got limited space to work with, a lot of practical elements to consider, and not much storage.

Keep reading to find out 5 decorating ideas to use for an RV.

1. Go For a Minimal Design Style

One of the first steps when it comes to RV redecorating is to keep things simple and minimal. Because you’re working with a small space, it can be easy to overwhelm the eye if you incorporate too much detail into the interior design of an RV.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have any detail at all. But it does mean that you should try to keep the space as uncluttered and streamlined as possible.

If this sounds boring and soul-less, don’t think that minimal means you have to stick to a white and grey interior. You can easily add interest and energy through bold colors, fabric patterns, etc.

2. Incorporate Pops of Color

If you want your RV design to have some personality, an easy way to inject vibrancy and energy is by adding pops of colors.

You can do this through your seat cushions, scatter cushions, throw blankets, bedding, rugs, or art.

For instance, if you’re busy designing the inside of an RV that’s predominantly white and grey, adding in a yellow bedspread, some yellow-toned scattered cushions, or a warm-toned rug, could instantly add dimension to the space.

3. Don’t Forget About Wall Art

Speaking of art, don’t forget to take your RV decorating to the wall. You don’t have to hang a Picasso to liven up the interior of your RV with something interesting on the walls.

Try to pick something that is personal to you, such as a map of places you have traveled to. Or, if you are a music lover, what about vintage album covers? The best art is whatever is most meaningful to the person who chooses it.

4. Add Extra Sources of Lighting

One of the best decorating ideas for an RV has to be adding additional sources of lighting. Lighting is a cornerstone of interior design. Well-chosen lighting adds dimension, interest, and ambiance to a space, and there is no reason why your RV interior design shouldn’t leverage the best lighting hacks.

Almost any RV design will already have ambient lighting installed.

To up the ante, analyze where you can add additional mood and task lighting. Do you have a specific area where you like to curl up with a book? If so, add a reading light.

You can also add mood lighting throughout the RV interior to create a cozy ambiance, and plan in some outdoor mood lighting as well, such as LED bulb strings.

Just remember, if you’re going to light up the outside of your RV, you should probably also search for “RV detailing near me“, because you’ll want to make sure the RV isn’t covered in dust before you hit the switch on those string lights.

5. Wallpaper for Added Interest

Do you have a blank wall in the RV that you can’t stand? If so, consider wallpapering it.

Nowadays there are a plethora of removable wallpaper options out there to try. If you don’t like the final result, you can easily switch it out for another design, or scrap the idea of wallpaper altogether and simply remove it.

RV Interior Design Doesn’t Have to Be Cookie-Cutter

If you want to turn your RV into a cozy space, don’t feel like RV interior design has to be assembly-line-grade or cookie-cutter. Think out of the box, add some wall art, some color, lots of layered lighting, and you’ll have a design style that feels like you and speaks to your senses in just the right way.

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