5 Funny YouTube Videos Of Babies Laughing At Dogs


5 Funny YouTube Videos Of Babies Laughing At Dogs

To put a smile on your face today we have for you five funny videos from Youtube showing babies laughing at their furry friends. Is there anything more contagious than the sound of a baby in fits of giggles?

1. Laughing Baby In Bath Watching Dog Eat Bubbles.

We’re not sure what’s funnier — the dog, or the baby’s bubble helmet.

2. Baby Crawls For First Time And Laughs At Dog

From this first face-to-face meeting, we think these two are going to be the best of friends.

3. Baby Laughs At Dog Chasing Bubbles

Dog + bubbles = win.

4. Baby Laughs At Dog Jumping Around

We’re not sure who is enjoying this more, the baby or the dog.

5. Baby In Bath Laughs At Sausage Dog

There are more bath time shenanigans with this pair of adorable sausage dogs.

Source: Mashable

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