Do you own or manage a fleet of commercial vehicles?

Maybe you have a maintenance company that employs the use of vans? Are you a taxi or a limo service? Or, perhaps you’re just a small business that has a handful of cars for business-related employee use?

Whatever the reason for having a fleet, managing commercial fleets is no small feat. Check out the rest of this blog for 5 common fleet management errors so you can avoid them!

1. Skipping Regular Maintenance

Your vehicles are all over the place. It’s hard to keep track of them all and what maintenance they’ve had and when. However, regular fleet maintenance will keep your cars running, and running well, for as long as possible.

To make it as easy as possible, try to streamline your maintenance services. This could look like finding a mechanic who will come to you. Or it could mean every 6 months bringing in all the cars, regardless of their functioning, for a check-up.

2. Over- or Under-Using Vehicles

The next of the common fleet management errors is using your vehicles in an unbalanced way. If you’re under-using your vehicles, it means you have money just sitting out there in the lot.

After you’ve taken the time, effort, and dollars to customize your cars, like the ones seen at, you should use them to their peak efficiency.

If you’re over-using your car, it means that the car will start to break down faster. Spreading the load out so each car is used to its full potential will save you money in the long run.

3. Trying to Do Everything By Hand

As you run your fleet, among other things, you should be logging:

· Miles driven

· Date of last maintenance check

· Who is driving

· Where the car is going

· Employee hours

You’re going to drive yourself crazy and, likely, make mistakes along the way if you try to do everything by hand. Fleet management software automates many of these processes so you don’t have to worry about them!

4. Relying On Poor Communication

Just like the telephone game, important details get lost when people have poor communication. Skills of communicating for fleet management include organization, clarity, firmness, and acceptance of feedback.

Regular staff meetings and one-on-ones with drivers can help you open communication and encourage feedback.

5. Skimping On Driver Training

Driving a fleet vehicle isn’t the same as driving a personal vehicle. Because fleet vehicles get such frequent use, poor handling of the car adds up to damages more quickly.

Fuel efficiency measures like those listed below can protect the car from unneeded wear and tear and save money on fuel.

· Less frequent acceleration

· Sticking to the speed limit

· Cutting down idle time

· Smooth breaking

· Shifting gears efficiently

Avoid These Common Fleet Management Errors

As you avoid these common fleet management errors, you’ll see your team and your cars going the distance. You’ll also notice extra cash in your wallet that once used to go to unnecessary fixes, advertising for new employees, and paying out for small mistakes here and there. Happy driving!

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