4 Life Changing Things That Every Guy Should Have on His Bucket List

Pretty much everyone these days has a bucket list. To put it crudely, a bucket list is a list of things a person wants to see, do and achieve before they kick the proverbial bucket.

The purpose of this is to ensure that one lives their lives to the fullest, pushes themselves out of their comfort zone and tries out new and enriching experiences on a regular basis. Some things that appear on your bucket list are a no brainer – pretty much all of us have things that we desperately want to do in life. There are also other things that we may not have considered until the seeds of inspiration are planted and for that reason we’ve comprised this list of activities that take you out of your comfort zone to a place where you can grow and live life.

Travel the World

They say that travel broadens the mind and it certainly offers the opportunity to see the world from a fresh perspective. Travel should not be restricted to vacations spent lounging on beaches or city breaks spent sipping cocktails beneath the sun (although both are certainly super fun). Travel for the opportunity to learn about different views, countries and cultures. Travel to raise awareness about world issues, challenge stereotypes and to learn to appreciate how privileged you are to have the freedom and availability to do so. Consider venturing to off the beaten track places that few have ventured before you – like trekking in Mongolia or travelling the silk road.

Take a Spontaneous Road Trip

With bills, jobs, mortgages and other commitments it’s not the easiest thing in the world to just up and leave at a moment’s notice in order to take a trip that is completely spontaneous and impromptu. However you can definitely enjoy a trip that lets you let loose and feel completely free. For example, call up your best pal, take three weeks of vacation and set off along the Great Ocean Road, or the USA’s Route 66. Have a general idea in your mind about where you would like to go but aim to be generally open-minded about the adventure – just drive and stop at hotels whenever you fancy, take detours wherever you see something cool along the way, and try out all the weird and wonderful foods you see at local diners.

Have a Party with a Stripper

Unless you’re incredibly lucky or attractive (or both), you may not end up in life with a woman that looks like a centrefold bombshell. Obviously looks aren’t everything in love and relationships, but we can certainly dream. Hiring a beautiful lady like those at Perth strippers is a guy’s opportunity to dance, laugh and have fun with an absolute stunner. This isn’t really a standard weekend activity, but when it comes to a special occasion such as a bachelor party, there is really no harm in having a little fun.

Try Some Form of Extreme Sports

Whether it’s bungee jumping in the midst of a picturesque valley in New Zealand or jumping out of a plane in the middle of the countryside, there is nothing that gets your heart racing and the adrenaline pumping like trying some form of extreme sports. The options are endless here and you can choose something that suits your personal interests and preferences – for example some people may feel excited and exhilarated at the prospect of jumping out of a plane whereas others may be terrified of heights.