Remember that ferret from the movie Along Came Polly? If you do, you may have been inspired to get a ferret of your very own after seeing how adorable it was on screen.

It’s reported that only about 300 households in the US have ferrets, and yet, they are still a very desirable household pet!

If you’re planning on becoming a new ferret owner, you’re likely searching for the best ways to start caring for your pet ferret and be a good owner. It can be difficult to know what to do right away since ferrets aren’t quite as common as pets compared to cats or dogs.

However, our tips here will help you learn just a few of the very basics. Keep reading for our top 4 tips for ferret care.

1. Train Your Ferret

You can train your ferret to understand certain things or learn specific skills, so this is something you should do from the get-go. The biggest skill to teach your ferret is not to bite.

Ferrets have a natural instinct to bite, whether that’s because they are afraid, curious, or just being rude. The most common method used to train away biting behavior is called scruffing.

2. Practice Good Hygiene

Ferrets naturally have a musky scent they discrete through their glands, so if you want to avoid this stinking up your home, you’ll need to regularly bathe your ferret. Don’t bathe them too often, however, because this will make the glands go into overdrive (much like the pores that produce oil in human skin).

You also want to clean their bedding, litter boxes, and anything else they regularly use to get rid of any unwanted stench.

3. Spend Time Together

Ferrets are usually only awake for a few hours per day, so you need to make sure that you’re spending time with them during their awake hours. The best part of having a ferret is being able to play with them and develop this loving bond. If your ferret is sick or elderly, know how to start comforting a dying ferret to make sure they are content in their final days. Although it may be hard, being there for our furry friends toward the end of their lives is part of the gift of being a pet owner.

4. Feed Them Right

Ferrets have to eat meat to be healthy as they are obligate carnivores. Raw meat is the best option for them, even whole prey, but they are also able to eat kitten food, baby food, or dried ferret food that has a very high protein content.

There are many things that you should absolutely avoid feeding a ferret, including fibrous foods, fruits or vegetables, and chocolate.

Remember These Ferret Care Tips

There are some very basic tips for caring for a ferret to make sure that they are happy. Just like with other pets, you have to figure out what your pet needs, how you can get it for them, and what you can do to increase their quality of life.

Ferret care isn’t as difficult as you may have thought!

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