The largest proportion of accidental gun deaths happens to people between the ages of 10 and 29. Shooting is addictive fun and a great life skill, but many get carried away by seemingly innocent jokes that end tragically. Since even the smallest handguns have to power to kill they have to be treated with respect.

Luckily the gun community follows a tradition of ingrained gun safety rules which, if learned and followed correctly, give you and your range mates a 100% chance of survival.

If you want to know more about these rules and how they keep you safe then keep reading.

1. There Are Four Primary Gun Safety Rules

None of the four rules of gun safety are more important than the others, you should be practicing all four every time you handle a firearm. The first is to treat every gun as if it’s loaded. Even if the magazine or clip is out, the gun can still have a chambered round while appearing unloaded.

The second and third rules are about where you point the gun. Only point the gun at something you’re willing to destroy and make sure you’re aware of the target and what’s beyond it. Many types of bullets can blast right through commonplace materials and potentially hurt people on the other side.

The last is to keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire. This rule will ensure you don’t accidentally fire off a round before you’ve considered the muzzle’s direction.

2. Following All Four Rules Guarantees Safety From Negligent Handling

In most cases even having a single gun safety rule in place is enough to protect you and others from negligent discharges. However, if you actively practice one, you’re normally aware of the others as well. If you follow all four safety rules for guns you’re guaranteed to keep others safe as you won’t be negligent.

However, when your guns are loaded it’s also important to make sure it’s in the proper environment. Make sure your range mates are also practicing proper gun safety and keep loaded guns away from children at all times.

3. Never Cut Corners

Laziness is next to deadliness. Cheap equipment and irregular cleaning can turn a regular firearm into a death trap. Make sure you don’t skip over some of the important peripheral details involved in responsible gun ownership.

Make sure the attachments and ammo you buy for your gun are the right make and of high quality. Bad ammo can explode and bad attachments can damage your gun or yourself. For instance, a bad stock can cause shoulder pain or a bad suppressor can send bits of metal in all sorts of directions.

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You Are the Gun’s Second Safety

There are many well-made guns as well as poorly designed guns. You never know how reliable a gun’s safety is and how good your ammo is. Make sure you practice all four gun safety rules, that you buy good quality gear, and that you clean your guns regularly.

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