Most people only think of lemons as a slice with a beverage or an additional food ingredient but there is a lot more to this sour yellow fruit than you realize.

1. Use As A Fridge Freshener

25 Great Uses For Lemons  1

If your fridge has an unpleasant odor you can give it a fresh smell by dabbing some lemon juice on a cotton ball or sponge and leaving it in the fridge. While this may help with the odor you should still try discovering the source of the smell and removing it.

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2. Use To Stabilize Your Blood Pressure

25 Great Uses For Lemons  2

Lemon has potassium which helps stabilize high blood pressure and can also help reduce the effect of nausea and dizziness.

3. Use As Natural Antidepressant

25 Great Uses For Lemons  3

Lemon water acts as a natural antidepressant and can also help cope with high stress levels. A quick suck on a lemon can change your entire mood.

4. Use For Cleaning Cutting Boards

25 Great Uses For Lemons  4

A chopping board is often used to chop garlic, onion, meat and many other foods. While washing helps clean the surface of the board a lemon can easily penetrate the grooves which sanitizes the board and kills off any smelly odors.

5. Use For Help With Breathing Difficulties

25 Great Uses For Lemons  5

Lemon water is a natural remedy for reducing phlegm, it has also been proven to help with other breathing ailments such as asthma.

6. Use To Prevent Kidney Stones

25 Great Uses For Lemons  6

Regular consumption of lemon juice or lemon water increases your body’s production of urinary citrate which helps prevent the formation of crystals that could possibly turn into kidney stones.

7. Use To Keep Annoying Ants At Bay

25 Great Uses For Lemons  7

No need to waste money on insect repellents for your home. Bugs hate lemons!! Squirt some lemon juice on the door thresholds and windowsills to keep those pests at bay. Also washing the floor with a lemon fragrance will help keep them out.

8. Use As A Natural Anti-Aging Product

25 Great Uses For Lemons  8

Many people spend loads of money on anti aging products unaware that a simple lemon can have the same effect. Lemon water helps reduces the production of free radicals which are responsible for Skin’s aging.

9. Use To Kill Infections In Your Mouth And Throat

25 Great Uses For Lemons  9

If you have a throat infection then you should try gargling lemon water. It has a natural antibacterial property that helps fight infections.

It also kills the bacteria that causes bad breath making it a sort of mouth wash too. But be warned the acid in lemons can erode you tooth enamel so best rinse with normal water afterwards.

10. Use To Purify Your Blood

25 Great Uses For Lemons  10

Eating a lot of junk food can increase the toxins in your blood. Drinking lemon juice or water removes these toxins restoring your blood’s purity.

11. Use To Improve Your Oral Health

25 Great Uses For Lemons  12

Lemon juice can help stop bleeding gums and even reduce the agonizing pain of toothaches. But like I mentioned earlier be careful as it can also erode your teeth.

12. Use To Clean and Whiten Your Nails

25 Great Uses For Lemons  13

By soaking your finger nails in warm lemon water it can clean them as well as making them whiter.

13. Use To Reduce Your Dandruff Flakes

25 Great Uses For Lemons  14

If you are struggling to find an anti dandruff shampoo that actually works then give this a try. M

Massage two tablespoons of lemon juice into your scalp and rinse with water. Then dilute one teaspoon of lemon juice into a cup of water and rinse your hair with it. If you do this everyday you may find your dandruff clearing up.

14. Use To Remove Stubborn Stains From Your Hands

25 Great Uses For Lemons  15

Have you ever eaten berries and not been able to remove the red stains from your fingers? If you scrub your hands with lemon juice before washing you may discover the stains are a lot easier to wash off.

15. Use To Relieve Headaches

25 Great Uses For Lemons  16

Lemon juice is also a natural headache reliever. Just add a few teaspoons with a hot cup of tea and you might just see your headache improve. While it may not be as strong as the normal drug remedies, it certainly a lot healthier for you.

16. Use To Relieve Cold And Flu Symptoms

25 Great Uses For Lemons  17

Lemons are not a cure for colds and flus but they do help with the symptoms. Why do you think so many cough medicines have it.

17. Use To Keep Your Wardrobe Moth And Bug Free

25 Great Uses For Lemons  18

An alternative to moth balls are lemons. Cover a ripe lemons with cloves and hang it up in your wardrobe. It not only keeps the bugs away but fills your wardrobe and room with a pleasant odor.

18. Use To Help With Digestive Problems

25 Great Uses For Lemons  19

Lemon juice helps greatly with digestive problems and can also reduce your chances of indigestion and constipation. When you combine that with a toxin free body and controlled blood pressure it can help you lead a much healthier life.

19. Use As A Natural Disinfectant

25 Great Uses For Lemons  20

Lemons are also a natural disinfectant, poor a little lemon juice on a cotton ball and apply it to a cut or scrape to clean the wound.

20. Use To Remove Warts

25 Great Uses For Lemons  21

If you apply a dab of lemon juice to your wart everyday it will gradually dissolve the wart.

21. Use To Bleach Clothes

25 Great Uses For Lemons  22

If you want to bleach your clothes then try lemon juice. Leave the desired clothes to soak in a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda for around thirty minutes before washing.

22. Use To Clean Stained Brass And Chrome

25 Great Uses For Lemons  23

Restore your tarnished brass or chrome items back to their former shininess with this simple lemon trick. Make a paste of lemon juice and salt and apply to the affected area. Leave it for five minutes and then wash off with warm water. With a bit polishing it should start to shine again.

23. Use To Boost Your Laundry Detergent

25 Great Uses For Lemons  24

To have your clothes brighter and smelling fresh add one cup of lemon juice to the washer. The natural bleach in the lemon juice will help remove stubborn stains and leave your clothes smelling like lemons.

24. Use To Remove Mildew From Clothes

25 Great Uses For Lemons  25

If you live in a damp city like I do then finding mildew on your clothes will be a regular thing but before you go throwing out those clothes try this little trick first. Make up a paste of lemon juice and salt and rub it on the affected area and then leave them to dry under the sun. Repeat the process until the mildew has vanished.

25. Use To Clean Your Humidifier And Have A Pleasant Smell In Your Room

25 Great Uses For Lemons  26

When your humidifier starts to smell a bit funny try adding three or four teaspoons of lemon juice into the water. Not only will it remove the horrible odor but will leave your room smelling lemony fresh.

Do you know of any other great uses for lemons? Let us know in the comments below.