21 Top Dog Breeds You Need To 0wn

top dog breeds

We have put together a list of 21 top dog breeds you need to own.


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The weeny dog may look like a sausage, but they’re still a manly hound (honest). Originally bred to wriggle down holes and murder badgers, these German cuties are hugely energetic, noisy and often utterly bonkers (AKA huge fun).

Bull Dog

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Traditionally the bravest dog breed, they’d take a bullet for you. Owning one makes you feel like Winston Churchill plus they’re comically lazy. If you don’t fancy a walk, chances are your bulldog is more than happy just to hang out on the sofa instead. Especially if there are snacks involved.

French Bulldog

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The breed that you may have seen on Modern Family or under the arm of Zach Galifianakis in the movie Due Date. So ridiculously cute it’ll be impossible to go to the park without attractive women coming over for a stroke and a natter. Woof!

ST Bernard

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As big as a boat, this dog has literally been bred to save your life if you’ve fallen and can’t get up. Traditionally viewed as hanging out in The Alps with a small cask of brandy strapped to his collar, the St Bernard is a true don. On the downside they do drool a lot.

Hungarian sheepdog

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This Hungarian sheepdog resembles a mop (you may have seen one on the cover of the classic Beck album Odelay). Still this dreadlocked canine is a calm and steady companion that’ll be incredibly friendly to you and your family, but suitably intolerant of trespassers and bullies.


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Half Labrador half poodle, a labradoodle is the pup for you if you’re allergic to dogs. Their coats barely moult and even when it does they are usually hypoallergenic, meaning they won’t make you sneeze.

Mini Chnauzer

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Anyone who follows Simon Pegg on Twitter will know he has two mini schnauzers, and they’re utterly brilliant. Not only do they look as though they’ve got a moustache, they’re just about the friendliest dogs out there. They have an amazing temperament.


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The pug is arguably the most ridiculous-looking creature God has ever made. They have either black or cream coats and they’re essentially a living, woofing teddy bear. These little rascals have huge personalities that grow to mirror your own. A mini furry you then.

Golden retriever

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Smarter than many humans, a Golden retriever is an utter classic. If you want a dog to fetch your slippers / answer the phone, but can’t be bothered to train him for more than about a week, this smarty-pants could be the fur ball for you.


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A nomadic reindeer herder, who looks like a giant blob of candyfloss. One of these bad boys took Roald Amundsen to the south pole (before anyone else). Denis Leary also used to have one, called Little Bastard.

Great Dane

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Essentially a horse who hates postmen. Even as a puppy they’re bigger than some cars. However, despite his size Scooby Doo is incredibly friendly, and doesn’t even need that much exercise. Sadly, they die young.


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The Queen does not mess around, the corgi is one hell of a pooch. They like to bark a lot, which makes them an excellent guard dog, and are known to try to herd humans by nipping at their heels. Ideal if you have unruly mates.


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Just about the most playful pup out there. A boxer is bouncy, barmy, friendly, loyal and clever. They’ll chew your furniture, lick your face and then hump your grandma’s leg for a good half hour. Down boy!

German shepherd

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What’s the difference between a German shepherd dog and an Alsatian? Nothing. We just changed the name during the war because we didn’t want anything so awesome to be associated with Germany. True fact. Amazing dog.

Bedlington Terrier

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A ridiculously brave and brilliant beast. It looks like a baby lamb, yet is fast enough to outpace a horse. They’re friendly chaps but somehow also so ridiculously stubborn ‘they would rather die than succumb in any situation’. Traditionally it is a favorite choice of Geordies.


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A greyhound is just about the easiest dog there is to own. They need little exercise and little training, they’re as friendly as your nana and rarely even bark. They sleep almost constantly and you don’t need a big home to house one – they are as happy in a flat as a mansion. Go on, get a retired racer from the track.

Collie Dog

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These are among the smartest dogs there are around. Because they’re such bright sparks collies need a lot of work and effort. However, they can easily be taught tricks, and make an incredible mate. It might be best not to get one if you have a cat or a toddler – they will herd them. It’s in their blood.

Chow Chow

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Popular in Asia, this bad boy is called songshi quan in Chinese, which means ‘puffy lion dog’ – a perfect description of both this bonkers breed’s personality and appearance. Happy Chow chow owners include Mario Balotelli and Matthew McConaughey. Elvis used to have one too. Elvis!


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They look like Stacey Solomon and they are known to be the most stupid breed of pedigree dog. Their daftness makes them somewhat irresistible, they’re utter clowns who like to goof around.

Mongrel – Street Dog

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There is something very special about a dirty ol’ mutt. Bizarrely they’re usually the most the most healthy and rounded type of dog too. Pedigrees have become what they are through centuries of inbreeding. Mongrels have the strongest genes and waggiest tails.

West Highland White Terrier

top dog breeds

The West Highland White Terrier is a game and hardy little terrier that is easy to train.
These dogs are lively and extremely self-assured toward other dogs, but will not pick fights if their owners know how to display proper leadership.

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