Every country has their own traditions and culture but some of the things they do in China is shocking. Check out these crazy facts from the East and see how many you knew.

1. Soldiers Wear Pins In Their Uniform Collars

20 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About China 1

This is how Chinese soldiers are trained to keep their chins up.

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2. 100 Million Chinese Live On 1 Dollar A Day

20 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About China 2

China has a huge poverty problem with over a million people living on the equivalent of one dollar per day.

3. Ketchup Was Invented In China As A Fish Sauce Called Ke-tsiap.

20 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About China 3

There were originally several different variations of this sauce made with mushrooms, oysters, mussels and walnuts but tomato proved to be the most popular and is a regular table condiment today.

4. The Chinese Like To Buy Their Food In A Drive-Thru And Then Eat Inside The Restaurant

20 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About China 4

When McDonald’s first introduced drive-throughs to China, the concept was so strange to people that they would pick up their food through the drive-thru, park their cars, and bring the food inside the restaurant to eat it.

5. There Are Over 54 Million Christians In China

Christians In China

Christianity was introduced to the Chinese in the seventh century and but it is only recently that the country has seen a huge increase in followers.

6. China Executes More Convicts Than Every Other Country Combined

20 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About China 6

Despite this fact it appears that China are giving out more suspended death sentences than executions, which means the prisoner spends the rest of their lives in Prison instead. Between 2007 and 2011 the annual number of executions in China fell by half which has led to public support.

7. Eggs Boiled In Virgin Boy’s Urine Is A Delicacy In China

20 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About China 7

Every year in early spring time, the urine of school boys under the age of 10 is collected and used to boil eggs. They are then sold for twice the price of a regular boiled egg. the residents of Dongyang residents believe that when the eggs are cooked this way it helps decrease body heat, promote better blood circulation and just generally reinvigorate the body.

8. People Of China Can Download Music For Free From Google

20 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About China 8

It was revealed that 99% of all music files downloaded in China were pirated. So, to try and make some money from these hits Google and numerous major record labels teamed up to give music downloads away for free so that they could make revenue from advertising.

9. Chinese Police Use Geese Instead Of Police Dogs

20 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About China 9

In some parts of China the police are trading in their canine partners. According the Chinese authorities the geese have much better vision, are more aggressive to strangers and require less looking after.

10. There Are 13 million Abortions Every year In China Which Equals 35,000 Abortions Per Day

one-child policy

Because of the “One-Child Policy” millions of mothers in China are forced to undergo abortions or sterilizations because they become pregnant with a second child and thus are breaking the law.

11. 30 Million Chinese People Live In Caves


Did you know that there are more people living in caves in China than there are living in the entire country of Australia.

12. China’s Air Pollution Travels Across the Pacific And Effects America

San Francisco

A study revealed that 29% of San Francisco’s air pollution is blown across the pacific ocean from China.

13. Chinese Food Companies Were Caught Making Tofu Out Of Sewage

stinky tofu

Around a hundred manufacturers of stinky tofu in China were discovered to be using sewage to accelerate the production and fermentation of this food product. It can take around six months for the tofu to be ready to sell but the companies just wanted to get the food product on the shelves as fast as possible to make money.

14. Women In China Are Paying $700 For Surgery To Restore Virginity

20 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About China 14

Every year, thousands of Chinese girls pay for an operation to restore their hymens shortly before their wedding. The discovery of the bride not being virgin has left many husbands wanting a divorce.

15. Breathing The Air In Beijing Has The Same effect As Smoking 20 Cigarettes A Day

20 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About China 15

China still use coal power plants which contribute to huge amount of air pollution in the country. While they are trying to find ways to reduce pollution it still growing out of control with Beijing being one of the most air polluted cities in the world.

16. China Offered To Give 10 Million Chinese Woman To America To Help Boost The Population

20 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About China 16

Back in 1973 during a meeting between Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Chinese President Mao Zedong an unusual offer was put forward to America. Mao stated that China was over populated with women and offered to give 10’000 of them America. When his offer was refused he increased the amount to 10 million Chinese women.

The deal never went through and the president of China had to make a public apology.

17. Video Game Consoles Are Banned In China

20 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About China 17

Despite the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 being built in China they are actually banned. Since the year 2000, China decided that the youths were wasting their time on video games and so enforced the ban. But there is some good news on the horizon for gamers as China is looking into lifting the ban as of 2014.

18. Four Million Cats Are Consumed Every Year In China

20 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About China 18

If you think eating cat meat is bad enough then knowing how they treat and cook the felines will shock you even more. Some Chinese believe that cat meat is good for helping a person’s yin and yang balance, they also believe the meat has healing properties too.

19. China Holds The World Record For The Longest Traffic Jam

20 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About China 19

Back in 2010 thousands of motorists got caught up in the worlds longest traffic jam in Beijing. The tailback stretched 60 miles on the National Expressway 110 between the capital Beijing and Inner Mongolia. Motorists were stuck in the traffic for 11 days.

The traffic jam was caused by roadworks which resulted in motorists sleeping in their cars and 400 police being called in to resolve the situation.

20. China Has Cell Phone Lane For Pedestrians Who Walk And Text

20 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About China 20

A new pavement lane has been created in the city of Chongqing for people who walk and text and don’t look where they are going. The lane stretches 50 meters and runs parallel with a pavement lane that prohibits the use of cell phones.

Do you know any other crazy facts about China?

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