Nowadays people like to take a break from the norm and stand out from the crowd. So as an attempt to be different some people have installed unique custom toilets which have gained quite a bit of attention due to their originality.

So lets kick off our list of 16 strange and unique custom toilets from around the world.

1. Loo With a View

Loo with a view 1

Could you honestly feel comfortable taking a leek here?

2. Peep Show Toilet

Peep show toilet 2

Well this one should certainly make guys feel proud of themselves.

3. Open Public Toilet

Open public toilet image

These German public toilets take away all the privacy of taking a leak and even though the public probably can’t actually see anything you just know they are watching you going.

4. Evil Devil Toilet

Evil toilet image

Ever wanted to pee in the devil’s mouth?

5. Desk Toilet

Desk toilet image

If I had a toilet like this I would hardly ever use my office.

6. Giant Mouth Toilet

Giant mouth toilet image

Speechless! Is this supposed to be someone famous?

7. Football Toilet

Football toilet image

Anybody for a round of penalties?

8. Orchid Flower toilet

Flower toilet image

This one looks too nice to pee into.

9. Music Lovers Toilet

Music lovers toilet image

This one is cool, you can play tune while you do your business.

10. Aquarium toilet image

Aquarium toilet image

This is another unique toilet but most people tend to leave the lid up so you would never see the fish, great idea though.

11. Skiers Toilet

Skiers toilet image

I just love this toilet, you wouldn’t want to leave would you?

12. Shell Toilet

Shell toilet image

Simple but nice.

13. Rolling Stones Toilet

Rolling stones toilet image

I guess this one was created by a Rolling Stones fan. Do you like it?

14. Religious Toilet

Religious toilet image

I have no idea who would want to urinate with a saint looking down at your manhood. Could you?

15. Transparent Toilet

This last one has to be one of the strangest of all. Its a toilet with one way see through walls. Nobody can see you but you can see them.
transparent toilet image

I suppose a plus side is you can see if anybody else is waiting to use the lavatory.

transparente toilet 2 image


So thats our list of unique and strange toilets, did you like any of them?