Is your memory card full of ordinary pet photos that all look the same? If you have completely run out of photo ideas for cute pet photos, then you absolutely need this article.

Whether you have dogs, cats or bunnies, these 12 pet photography ideas will help you take images that are original and fun!

1. Pets in Human Situations

If you feel that creativity is exactly what your pics lack, don’t pass by this idea. It’s quite simple. Place your pets in natural situations involving human accessories, clothes, or props and you will get a great shot.

Being rather trivial, this tip is one of the best pet photography ideas Rest assured, such images will get numerous likes from your followers on Instagram.

Use your hat, a sweater or sunglasses, or roller skates and an impressive photo will not keep itself waiting. If you want to make your dog or cat cooperate, don’t forget about treats, squeaky things, feathers on strings, etc. If you are determined to get really cute pet photos, there is nothing wrong with bribery.

2. Bath Time

Cute animal photography does not necessarily involve over-the-top accessories and props. There is no need to go to the studio either. You may get original pictures in your bath, for example.

If your pet doesn’t like water at all, it may be difficult, but such original shots will certainly diversify your pet photo album. You can also use a bucket, add bubbles and start shooting.

Don’t forget about a tripod. No matter what they do, play with bubbles or just relax, it will be funny. Be sure that such pics make even the most serious viewer smile.

3. Carry them in Your Bag

Put your pet in the bag, purse or backpack, and the results will be impressive. It works great with tiny animals. If your dog is not a little one, use a big basket or a huge travel bag. Don’t forget to address photo post production services like FixThePhoto to enhance your image professionally: make color correction, remove objects, change background, etc.

4. Celebrating Birthday

This idea makes you smile even when you read about it. Arrange a birthday photo session for your pet. This experience will absolutely result in cute pet photos.

Use a festive hat or bandana to highlight the pet. To impress your followers on social networks, buy a birthday cake or even bake one. Such images are always popular on Instagram and Facebook.

If you want the image to pop with color – use balloons that will also create a festive mood. Don’t limit yourself and incorporate any party props you like.

5. Choose Unusual Perspective

If you want to add variety and interest, shoot from different points and change perspective. Come closer, zoom all the way out for a wide angle of view, lie down or shoot upwards.

If your yard is not tidy enough, shoot from down low to exclude busy ground-level backgrounds. It is easier if you have a big dog but in case your pet is a tiny one ‒ put it on a chair, table or stairs.

6. Add Confetti

Sometimes, cute animal photography requires additional props. Use confetti, for example. Although confetti are difficult to clean, it’s a cheap prop that results in amazing shots.

If you can make your pet sit straight, toss some confetti over them and capture their hilarious reaction. Their surprised faces will look really great in the frame. It’s an easy way to capture really funny expressions you have never seen before on your pet’s face.

7. Playtime

The effective way to capture a great shot is to make your pets play. Dogs, as well as cats, are always eager to have fun. Use it to your benefit.

Throw the balls or other toys to fetch, chase them, and you will get dynamic and at the same time cute pet photos. It is not as easy as it seems but don’t stop if something goes wrong. It’s better to take such images outdoors with much natural light around.

Adjust your camera, set the fast shutter speed, and apply a sport mode if you have it. Get involved, cooperate with your pet and original shots are guaranteed.

8. Splashing in the Water

The next tip among our puppy photography ideas impresses with its sincerity. Capture your dog running through the water. Wet noses, red tongues, and water splashes look great in the frame.

Such pics are a must have for each pet-lover. Don’t miss the great shot when your dog is shaking the water off. You will certainly get several funny and silly shots that will cause lots of laughter.

9. Explore Real Moments

Challenging yourself to make creative dog photography is great, but don’t forget to capture the genuine character of your pet. It’s not an easy task, but you will be rewarded with the best photos.

Start taking such photos in places where your pets enjoy spending time. There is no need to have some elaborate photo shoot plans, just capture a lifestyle moment in your pet’s life. Shoot them while sleeping on the carpet, catching a ball, cause a funny reaction.

Do anything you want to create a perfect photo moment. You will see that such pics show so much warmth and sincerity that nobody can remain untouched.

10. Capture the Details

Unlike other genres, pet photography is not limited by some strict rules. That’s what I like best of all. You are free to apply any photo techniques and tricks.

If you are in search of creative dog photography ideas, pay attention to details. Highlight your pet’s ears, eyes or paws. Take your time and find the most photogenic features.

Remember that when you capture the detail, not the whole pet, you leave more to the imagination. I recommend blurring the background using a shallow depth of field.

11. Use Natural Light

It seems to me that it is impossible to take a bad pet photo since all of them are really cute. But still, all great pet images have something in common ‒ perfect lighting.

Place your four-legged friends into good light and predict their next moves. Start shooting when the best moment occurs. It’s not easy to find ideal lighting conditions (especially in a flat or house), but try to shoot early in the morning or in the afternoon when natural lighting is the best.

If you use the light correctly, it will do half of the work.

12. In the Natural Environment

Photographers will stop at nothing to get cute pet photos but they also know that it is impossible if the animal is not comfortable with the situation. It is absolutely necessary to care about the pet’s comfort.

I recommend capturing your pet cuddling up with their favorite humans or interacting with other humans if it likes attention from strangers. To get the most natural results, always think of your pet’s likes and preferences.