You make one of the biggest decisions of your life when you opt in for a life insurance plan. This is a critical decision because no one is aware of the future.

You may either find yourself in a position to arrange for funds for future life expenses or your family may need instant financial support in case of your premature death. Especially, if you are the only breadwinner for your family, then it should be a major concern for you.

Financial security not only maintains the standard and quality of living but also saves your family from debts, household expenses and other related expenses. It can save you in the long run with the enormous compelling benefits for the lifetime. Buying a life insurance plan is nothing less than a walk in the park these days as websites like no exam allow their users to choose the right insurance provider.

You deserve a life insurance plan that gives you the peace of mind about the wellbeing of your family in untoward circumstances.

1. A Foolproof Financial Plan

A life insurance plan is not just about the life after your death. It is a full-fledge financial plan that saves your day in trying times. In today’s highly competitive world, most of us are fully aware of the concepts like savings, investments, and retirement. A life insurance plan helps you plan the life after your retirement through investment. This way, your savings are used as investment to help you plan the life-after-retirement with the ones who rely on your financial support.

2. A Variety to Choose From

The worldwide popularity of life insurance has allowed the industry leaders to develop numerous different types of life insurance plans. Thankfully, we exist in a world where employment-based life insurance is not the only available option. Moreover, there are some plans which allow you to earn a tax-free income besides getting lifetime coverage. You may opt for term life insurance, permanent life insurance, endowment insurance, unit-linked insurance, and many more.

3. Affordable Options

The basic life insurance plans are mostly affordable. However, they can get pricier with the addition of more features. Your bad lifestyle can also add cost to your life insurance. For example, you would be offered a heftier life insurance plan if you’re a smoker or are dealing with severe health issues. Generally, people overestimate the cost of a life insurance plan, according to the Insurance Barometer Study by Life Happens and LIMRA.

4. Best Times to Buy Life Insurance

Insurance industry experts believe that the best time to purchase a life insurance plan in life are the ones when you start something new. It can be your first job, your wedding, your first house purchase, or a change in job, etc. Such life events make you realize the need and cost of life insurance in relation with your earning.

5. Life Insurance Plan is Amendable

Many people purchase a life insurance plan when they welcome their first baby into the family. If you’re one of those people who got the life insurance plan on your birth, then the good news is that you can always make amendments in your plan. You can add or reduce the size of your coverage and with it the premium. You can adjust your life insurance plans according to your earning at different stages of life.

6. Gives Your Dear Ones a Breathing Space

Many people believe that a life insurance is generally used to pay off a person’s debts or the funeral charges. However, it is just one of the many dimensions of a life insurance plan. You can always add more coverage to your plans by paying extra amount. This may include the continuation of education funding for your kids if you’re not there anymore to provide for their education. You may also maintain their monthly expenses after your demise through a life insurance plan. An online calculator allows you to calculate this all.

7. Swift Payout System

Another best part about a life insurance policy is that it generally pays out more quickly than any other insurance. It pays out swiftly because it doesn’t have to deal with estate claims or other such issues. Most of the times, a life insurance policy pays out in a few days or a week or inside a month.

8. Tax Free Payout

The proceeds from a life insurance plan are generally tax-free. This allows you to create an inheritance for a beneficiary. It also helps in a quick payout in the event of maturity or sudden death of the insured.

9. Protection that Your Family Needs

If you’re able to pay off the premiums in time and keep all the necessary record up-to-date, including the information about your beneficiaries, you ensure protection of your family. A proper communication with your insurance agent lets you stay on top of the needs of your insurance plans and allows you to know all the benefits your family is going to get after your death.

10. More Than Just Life Insurance

Times have changed, so as insurance industry. Today, life insurance plans are much more than just insurance plans. Now, you can also opt for living benefits as part of your life insurance plans. This option allows you to relish financial benefits of the insurance plan before you die. However, in order to obtain more value out of your policy, you will have to add to the annual premium. These premiums are an important part of the equation for the life insurers.

The total amount of premiums written by US insurers stood at $1.2 trillion in 2017, out of which, 52% of the premiums were written by life and health insurance providers. | source:


The more you study a life insurance plan, the better you’re placed to get the most out of it. Life insurance plans have also become an investment opportunity for many across the globe. It has become financial and risk management plan more than just a life insurance package. In today’s world, no exam can challenge your dear ones any more in the presence of a well-designed life insurance plan.