10 Signs That Your Partner May Cheat on You

Relationships are as tough as everything else in life. Nonetheless, there are those of us who will try their luck and eventually find a spouse. But what makes you sure that your partner is going to be loyal? Well, there is no particular way to determine someone’s true intentions. However, you can still tell if they are planning on staying or leaving. You can easily make this conclusion if you pay attention to your partner’s habits and patterns.

Below is a list of ten ways to predict whether your spouse is a potential cheater.

They Flirt Too Much

If your partner tends towards being flirty with almost every individual, there is a likelihood that they will end up getting into affairs with others. This is likely to happen if your partner lacks a sense of self-control. If your spouse limits flirting with others, you can be sure that they exhibit self-control and are less likely to fall into temptation.

Unnecessary Attention

People who love getting attention at all times are more likely to cheat. This is because if the person has numerous individuals providing the attention, they are less likely to let go of any one of them. Conclusively, such people end up being in multiple relationships because they love the gestures and pampering.

Developing New Interests

If you happen to find your spouse searching for specific things like “how to tell if a girl likes you,” they are likely developing an interest in somebody new. Many people depend on the internet for the majority of their questions. You can identify if your partner is up to something when they quickly get rid of their devices whenever you are around them and access them when you are away.

Focused on Appealing to the Public More

If you are dating someone more focused on looking good for others than you, you should be cautious of their intentions. Do not get it wrong, we deserve to look our best. However, if an individual is always concerned about looking good for meetings and keeping the details of the meeting hidden, they are likely to be cheating.

Lousy Excuses

Also, when it comes to details, you can tell if someone is up to no good. If your partner is quick to come up with reasons that seem unbelievable, you have all the right to question until you get a satisfactory answer. If they keep the details hidden by coming up with lousy excuses, you should be conscious of something fishy happening.

Blame Game

Some people are quick to point the finger at you for a particular problem. These individuals feel justified when cheating because they will have leverage or an experience that they will use as a way of avoiding taking responsibility for their mistakes. Whether you have messed up in the past or not, nothing justifies cheating in a relationship. It’s all about respect.

Quick to Let Go

When your partner does not show any interest in maintaining a peaceful relationship, they may have several partners outside of the relationship. When your spouse has numerous people offering comfort, ending the relationship will be less impactful to them. This is the main reason they are quick to let go.


Always be keen on how your partner treats you and other people like friends or family. If your mate treats you with the same level of respect as the friends and family, you can be sure of a trustworthy partner. However, if they have different traits for various people, it is not easy to tell whether they are genuine with you or not.

Lack of Transparency

With the rise of technology, you expect your lovers to be as transparent as possible. If your partner has a passcode on all gadgets and keep it a secret, there are chances that you may be getting played and they want to keep the details hidden.

Impulsive Risk-Taking

When they are involved in arguments, some people are quick to make hasty choices and end up cheating on their partner because they did not take the time to reason.


Regardless of how much you love someone, always keep in mind that you should trust but verify to be sure of who you are dating.